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Representative APR 8%

Representative example: £500 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £672.60. Interest charged is £172.60, interest rate 140.0% (variable).

£2,000 Loans

Looking for a short-term loan that both satisfies your current financial needs and won’t be so high that it’s difficult to pay back can be tough. A £2000 loan may wind up being the best option for you, and you can do quite a bit to secure your immediate finances, improve your credit score, and make your life easier.

Once you’ve decided on the amount, though, you still have to figure out where you’re going to get that money from. Which lender are you going to attempt to apply to, and which ones do you trust to be reliable companies? Which ones will be most likely to approve your application? You don’t want to wind up applying to multiple companies due to being declined, because that can very quickly destroy your credit score thanks to the hard inquiries.

Thankfully, NowLoan noticed this issue and provides you with a solution. Their software will safely and efficiently take the information you give them and match you up with lenders that are more likely to approve your application. This list of lenders will help mitigate the potential for declined applications and help you feel significantly more confident that you can get the help you need when you need it without severely damaging your credit score.

With a £2000 loan, you may decide to pay off some other debts (which will improve your credit availability if those debts were credit lines rather than amortized loans) or simply take care of a sudden emergency that popped up in your life. Either way, making those regular monthly payments on time can help to improve your credit, since payment history is such a crucial part of your score.

NowLoan will ask you a series of questions about your circumstances, your income, your employment status, and your ability to pay the money back within its free application, and that application will not impact your credit report in any way. You’ll need to be over the age of 18, have a valid source of income, a bank account, and be a UK citizen in order to fill out said application, but the whole process can be done online, saving you the hassle of having to locate and go to a physical address.

Once you’ve got your list of lenders most likely to accept your application and provide you with the money you need, you’ll be able to choose one and go directly to that lender’s website, fill out their application (which will be a hard credit inquiry, but at least it will only be one!), and get your money! Go to nowloan.co.uk today and breathe easy knowing that your credit report and financial situation can both improve in your time of need.