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Loans for Unemployed People

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Representative APR 8%

Representative example: £500 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £672.60. Interest charged is £172.60, interest rate 140.0% (variable).

Unemployed Loans

Money can be one of the biggest stresses in a person’s life, regardless of one’s employment status. However, when you’re unemployed, it can be significantly more difficult to get a loan when you need one. Emergencies don’t discriminate between those who have employment income and those who do not, so this can make life especially difficult for those on the latter part of that spectrum.

While many lenders will require proof of income before they will approve a loan application, there are still plenty who will consider other forms of income. If you can show that you receive income as a freelancer, from benefits, or another source, you may still be eligible to receive those emergency funds.

Finding the lenders who will accept those alternate forms of income can be a pain, though, so NowLoan has made it significantly easier. After asking you a few questions about your finances, your situation, and what you need to use the money for, NowLoan will provide you with a list of potential lenders. Since you’ll select that your income comes from a source outside of employment, that list will be comprised of lenders who can provide “unemployed loans” specifically. This takes a huge weight off of your shoulders, allowing you to find a reliable lender without all of the guesswork.

Additionally, this list will be made up of lenders who are likely to approve your application based on the information you’ve provided NowLoan. Thanks to this, you can go into the application without being afraid that you’re going to be declined and have an extra hit to your credit report for nothing.

Not everyone’s situation is the same or fits the guidelines that the majority of lenders look for. NowLoan understands that and has gone above and beyond to create a free service that will match up applicants with lenders whose information perfectly matches up with their requirements. This allows the applicant to ultimately fill out one loan application, get the money they need when they need it, and be secure in the knowledge that they’re not going to have to go through this process more than once. Even better, you never have to leave your house with NowLoan’s user-friendly application, accessible by mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

Go to NowLoan.co.uk at your earliest convenience and breathe easy knowing that your financial situation is about to dramatically improve without all of the extra stresses people generally expect from payday loans and short-term loans.