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Borrow £500 in as little as 15 minutes

We match your details against 40+ direct lenders to find you the best quote. No obligation. No impact on your credit score•

Representative APR 8%

Representative example: £500 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £672.60. Interest charged is £172.60, interest rate 140.0% (variable).

£500 Loans

Borrow £500 Loan UK Quickly And Easily

NowLoan.co.uk is your best option for quick and easy £500 loan in the UK. We are a licensed broker working with the most popular direct lenders in the market to give you fast and hassle-free financial solutions.

At NowLoan, you’ll be able to apply for a loan without being charged a dime and get instant offers from multiple lenders on our panel. Our qualified lenders will approve your loan request even with a bad credit history by using other indicators besides the usual credit score checks.

Our £500 Loan is geared towards those who:

· Have experienced past credit setbacks

· Are being faced with unexpected expenses

· Need an immediate, short term financial help for small scale expenditure

· Need a little extra money available

How Can I Get the Best £500 Loan?

At NowLoan, we have a highly intuitive technology that matches your loan application with our large panel of lenders, to get you the most qualified lender that is highly likely to approve your loan. By using our free software, you can be sure to get the most competitive deal and get the best £500 Loan. Even with a bad credit history, you’ll find a lender that uses other criteria to approve your loan.

To be eligible for the loan, you’ll need to:

· Have a valid UK bank account

· Be a resident in the UK

· Have a regular income

· Be at least 18 years of age

Can I get a £500 loan On NowLoan if I have poor credit?

Until recently, lending institutions have always relied on the credit history of a client to decide whether or not to approve their loan requests. At NowLoan, we believe that all people should be able to access credit and should not be held back by their past financial history. We’ve helped multiple people with not-so-good credit get emergency loans through our panel of lenders.

If you have a low credit score and are looking for a quick, short term £500 loan, we can link you up with an FCA approved lender that is most likely to say yes to your loan request by taking into account your current financial status. The lenders may do a soft search on your credit history, but this will not reflect on your credit report. You can even check whether you’ll be eligible and request for an instant quote without affecting your credit score.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Loan On NowLoan?

Once you complete out 2-minutes online application process, our lender-matching software will automatically run your loan request against our 40+ lender profiles to get you the most suitable lender. They will then review your application, and if approved, the cash will be sent to your bank account within minutes after approval. The good news is, we will not charge you any fees when applying for a loan through us.

Benefits of Applying a Bad Credit £500 Loan UK with Us

· Less documentation: Since our entire loan application process is done online, we don’t require you to fill tons of paperwork when applying for a £500 Loan UK.

· Fast: After filling our easy and straightforward online application form, we will match your loan request with the most qualified lender, and notify you when you’ve been approved.

· Approval speed: we have a fully automated loan application process that allows for an instant approval decision. Ideally, you’ll get an answer within seconds of submitting the application. Your funds will be sent to your bank account within minutes after approval

· No credit checks: Our lenders will only do a soft search of your credit which does not reflect in your credit report.

· Secure System: At NowLoan, we’ve put several measures to protect your personal information and ensure your privacy. We use industry-grade encryption practices to ensure your information is safe.

Ready For a Quick Loan?

If you’re looking to borrow £500, you likely need the money fast. At NowLoan, you can get a free no-obligation loan quote that will not leave a mark on your credit report. Fill out our free online application now and get instant decision to your loan request. On approval by one of our FCA approved direct lenders, you’ll get the money sent to your bank instantly.