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Representative example: Borrowing: £1,200 Interest: 0.34% per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable) Representative: 49.7% APR (variable)

Quick loans

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and – when things go awry – not everyone has savings put aside to deal with financial emergencies.

At Now Loan, we understand that there are times when we need extra cash. From financing a wedding, needing to make quick home repairs and improvements to emergency medical bills or debt consolidations, there are many reasons why people desire quick loans for an instant solution to their economic woes.

In a number of cases, instant loans may be needed with same-day approvals. In such cases, Now Loan steps in to help those who cannot wait for time-consuming bank assessments. Nor do they have the time to fulfil other requirements for banks to agree to lend them money.

Getting loan approval becomes even harder if you are low on cash reserves or have a less than perfect credit history, however, Now Loan – part of PJG Financial Limited – can work with you to bypass challenges and cut through the red tape, regardless of your circumstances. Our loans explore a wide range of flexible and custom products tailored to meet the needs of everyone, including quick loans for people with bad credit.

Our goal is to provide a loan-matching service that can help you find the most suitable UK lender for you, and this applies in cases where you want to snap your fingers for an instant loan with same-day approval. In such cases, loans from £100 to £10,000 can be made accessible within minutes.

Having collaborations with a number of lending partners, Now Loan is positioned to find the most affordable and reliable instant cash options for our clients. Those who require our services, simply detail their needs, and Now Loan compiles options with reliable loan lending institutions offering safe user policies, quick cash transfers and low-interest rates.

Best of all, there are no additional costs or hidden fees for clients. We use the financial tools we have at our disposal to help our clients in their decision-making process, making it simple to compare direct lenders. We help our clients find a loan lender who caters to their financial requirements and circumstances.

All this help comes free without any fees to clients, although some lenders may offer us a commission.

So, here is what Now Loan offers in a nutshell:

  • Quick loans via a simple, easy and fast approval process
  • Accepts users with less-than-perfect credit histories
  • Manages to transfer funds quickly within a day
  • Does not charge clients any fees for its services

Quick payday loans

Payday loans are short-term secured loans, usually paid off in one instalment or soon after the borrower’s payday. They are especially handy when dealing with unforeseen circumstances, such as unexpected and urgent last-minute repairs or sudden medical emergencies. They are also known as ‘payday advance’ or ‘fast cash advance’ because, in the case of such loans, the borrower receives the money instantly.

Payday loans usually are one- to six months in duration and can be flexible by allowing the borrower to extend the borrowing terms for a further three to six-month period.

Do you qualify?

Regardless of the amount needed, there are eligibility criteria that need to be met for the panel of Now Loan to consider clients looking for quick loans.

We know that time is of the essence, so here is our handy checklist to ensure you are eligible to apply for quick loans. To be eligible, you need proof that:

  • you are a UK resident;
  • you are at least 18 years of age;
  • you have a regular source of income;
  • you have an active bank account for your cash to be deposited on approval.

Credit history is not as important to some lenders as a person’s present capacity to repay their loan over the next few months.

Where the quick cash lies

It can be stressful when you need money quickly but don’t know your choices.

Not all banks offer personal loans and require borrowers to have a minimum or excellent credit rating in order to give approval. Credit unions often offer lower interest rates and fees than banks as they are nonprofits, whose goal is to return a profit to members instead of shareholders, and also offer lower interest rates and fees than banking institutions. A number of online lenders have also sprung up as alternatives to banks and credit unions and promise fast money to clients once they are approved.

Now Loan looks for lenders with a good reputation, credit flexibility, funding speed and transparency.

With so many online quick loan lenders to choose from, it may be hard to find the best option, however, Now Loan has the technology to process and fund applications for quick payday loans in a matter of minutes via a seamless online process.

Quick loans for people with bad credit

Our goal is to make it easy for everybody to apply for a loan and get the money needed in the time they require it. We help those with good credit scores as well as those with poor credit scores.

Even people whose credit history is not great can find the funds they require. Now Loan can help find lenders and provide a number of deals.

If Now Loan are unable to find a lender for you, as the client, or you are unhappy with the terms of the deal, there is no obligation for you to go ahead with any of the quotes given.

Should you be satisfied and wish to enter a loan agreement, you will be able to proceed. The details you provide will be cross-checked across banks, and – should the lending institution be satisfied – funds can pour to you very quickly. Some lenders can deposit funds directly to the borrower’s bank account within 15 minutes, though time frames vary. A number of lenders offer same-day loan payments but, in just a few minutes, our system will eliminate any lenders who have requirements or criteria that are not a match for your details.

We completely understand that sometimes we find ourselves needing funds immediately, and that is why we can move quickly by submitting your details via our free, online quote form which just takes two minutes to fill and can be done online 24/7.

The length of time you need to wait before receiving urgent funds can vary, and each lender will have its procedures and time-frames.

However, some of our lenders can send funds directly to your bank account within 15 minutes, and a number offer same-day loan payments.

The process of applying for quick loans

Now Loan can find you instant solutions, but you also need to have clarity as to what you need and how much you can pay off in order to proceed.

Throughout this process, NowLoan is beside you to answer questions and to guide you for the best option for you.

Below is the typical process a borrower must follow when applying for a quick loan:


Now Loan will take the time to research loan options for its clients, but there are some key questions clients should consider even before coming to us or while perusing the different loan products:

  • Which type of loan best fits the purpose for which I am taking out my loan?
  • How long will I have to repay the loan?
  • What are the interest rates for the loan?
  • Are there any other ‘hidden’ fees associated with the loan?
  • How much money am I able to pay back?
  • What will happen should I be unable to pay back the loan?
  • How will my credit score be affected?

The saying “marry in haste, repent in leisure” can apply to quick loans as well when considerations are not taken into account. It is important for the borrower to make sure they can make the monthly payments and meet the terms and conditions of the loan.

Taking a loan that you are unable to afford could be heart-wrenching. For this reason, due diligence is needed to ensure that you’re not biting off more than you can chew and will be able to afford to pay off the loan.

Once you have an amount that is manageable, you can proceed.


At Now Loan, applying for quick loans is convenient. You only need to fill our 2-minute online form which is easy to complete. Once that is done, Now Loan will find the most suitable lender. Using our proprietary lender-matching technology, we will run your request against multiple direct lenders and match it with the most qualified direct lender that is most likely to approve your loan request.

You will be able to review the matches with different lenders as we’ll present them in a way that is easy to compare, however, Now Loan does not make any approval decisions. It is up to the client to reach a decision as to which lender to follow.

When considering lenders, it is important to review the loan fee disclosures, including late fees, so you know exactly how much you owe. It is up to you to decide whether it is worthwhile going ahead with the process and which is best.

You can request as many quotes as you like, without this affecting your credit score. All you need to do is to input different variables on your application to determine your quote outcome depending on the loan amount and the duration of the loan.

Once an appropriate loan is found, the funds can be transferred to your bank account within 15 minutes.


Once the loan is approved, it is important to prepare a strategy to pay off the loan. It is helpful to prepare a monthly budget and be mindful of spending.

For example, if you borrow £2,600.00 over 36 months at a Representative rate of 49.7 per cent APR (variable) and an annual interest rate of 41 per cent (variable), you would pay 36 monthly instalments of £126.61. The total charge for credit will be £1,957.89 and the total amount payable will be £4,557.89.

By cutting out on frivolous expenses you will be able to pay equated monthly instalments (EMI) on time. By avoiding some of life’s luxuries you can save money which just adds up over time. There are many budgeting apps that can help borrowers meet the terms of their loans and make timely payments.


  • You can pretend your loan has a higher interest rate to pay it off faster.
  • Lenders change their product all the time, so a great loan five years ago may no longer be competitive. For this reason, keep coming back to Now Loan to see how you can save money.
  • Experts recommend debt consolidation in cases where there are multiple debts to repay in order to eliminate part of the hassle. With just one payment there will be a single interest rate making loans more manageable.

What if something goes wrong?

The best way to prevent something from going on is to do your due diligence and check your budget to ensure you can pay back the loan instalments.

In unpredictable times, however, it is easy for things to go wrong. People lose their jobs and circumstances may easily change. Nobody plans to get into debt, however, it is not that hard for someone to back themselves into a financial corner.

If you cannot make the loan repayments, it is important to meet with the lender as soon as possible in order to find out which procedures are in place for cases like this. When there is hardship, StepChange may be able to help.

Why should you use Now Loan to apply for quick loans today?

There are many benefits to using Now Loan as we do the hard work for you. Below are some advantages:

  • There is strict data protection
  • We are FCA-authorised
  • The online application process is hassle-free
  • The application process is 100 per cent online, and paperwork is not needed
  • There is no obligation to follow through
  • There are no fees involved
  • It is fast to use with instant results
  • There are many options offered due to the extensive panel of lenders
  • Repayments are flexible
  • Guarantors are not required for the loan
  • The chances of acceptance by lending institutions is high
  • There is a high approval rate for people with poor credit

With our know-how, we can put cash in your pocket when you need it the most. Doing it alone can be daunting for many people who find they cannot get approval due to their poor credit rating. With Now Loan, however, the application process does not need to be complicated. With our guidance, negative scenarios can be removed.

The advantages are many when it comes to using our services. You can apply for an instant loan today and get cash to use when you need it the most.

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