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Representative APR 8%

Representative example: £500 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £672.60. Interest charged is £172.60, interest rate 140.0% (variable).

Guaranteed Loans UK

Applying for loans can be incredibly stressful for a wide variety of reasons. The application process isn’t always easy and there’s usually no guarantee that you’ll be approved, which means a hard hit to your credit score without even getting the funds you’re in need of. If that happens multiple times in a row, it can feel like you’re just digging yourself a credit hole that can take years to get out of when all you needed was a little extra help for the time being.

However, NowLoan has become a secure, fast, free, and reliable solution for those in need of emergency funds. Using a software that will match up the details of your personal financial situation with the lenders who would be most likely to approve your application, NowLoan makes “guaranteed loans” a very real and attainable possibility. This eliminates the fear of multiple declined applications altogether. Not to mention, it makes the process of getting your funds significantly faster since you’re not having to wait through several application periods.

Because your credit score affects nearly every aspect of your financial life (your house, your vehicles, your spending habits, and even your employment in some cases), you want to keep it as healthy as you possibly can. Endangering it by having to submit multiple loan applications before getting approved can very quickly damage it in ways that take years to recover from. If a company is able to all but guarantee that you’ll be approved for a loan the first time around, and do so for free, chances are high that you’ll jump at the chance to use them.

NowLoan is that company. Use NowLoan’s quick, free, and secure form to find out which lenders are looking for borrowers with your exact situational information without having to do all the research and trial and error applying on your own. Once you’ve got your list, check out the lenders’ websites, interest rates, and payback schedules to see which one best suits your needs. From there, it’s a simple matter of filling out that one application and having your money deposited once you’re approved!

Go to NowLoan.co.uk from your phone, your laptop, or your desktop and see how quickly they pair you up with a lending entity who can help you improve your current financial situation. Regardless of your circumstances, you should never be at risk of harming your credit score just because you need a little extra temporary help.