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How much money should I take on holiday to Mallorca?

How much money should I take on holiday to Mallorca?

As many of the more than 2 million Brits who holiday in Mallorca annually can testify, spending time on this Spanish Balearic Island can be one of the best life experiences.

Despite the Island’s small geographical size, it offers an amazing breadth of option for tourists from across the world.

The amount of money you’ll need to take on holiday in Mallorca will depend on the number of days spent, the number of people holidaying with you and the activities you engage in while on holiday in Mallorca.

On average, a British family of 4 spends about £4,000 per week on this extraordinary Island.

An adult spending 10-14 days in Mallorca, will averagely spend about £2,100 while a couple honeymooning over here for a month averages about £6,500.

Depending on your preferences, there might be a variance of about 25% of the above-quoted costs.

So, how does the cost of a holiday in Mallorca amount to the sums quoted above? What is the individual cost of the holiday necessities in Mallorca?

Here’s an estimate of daily budget per person required for a trip to Mallorca:

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£100 Per Day
Mid-range£200 Per Day
High-end£400 Per Day
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To help you plan even better for your dream holiday in Mallorca, we have broken down the individual costs of activities and other necessities while on holiday in Mallorca and provided professional tips on how to save while on holiday here;

Breakdown of costs of a holiday in Mallorca


Mallorca is quite close geographically to Britain and flights are therefore not as expensive.

First Class Round-trip flights cost about £500, while economy tickets from London to Palma average at about £120 one way.

The costs fluctuate with seasons and they are most expensive when the holiday fever kicks in.

It is therefore wise to book your flights early before the ticket prices soar. Take advantage of airline deals and grab tickets at even lower prices than those quoted above.


Being the prime tourist attraction Island it is, Mallorca offers a myriad of accommodation options and we want to quickly review each and the average cost of putting up in each one of them;


Although the hotels in Mallorca are very costly, they are world-class and offer unmatched client service.

On average a 3-star hotel in Palma, the capital of Mallorca, costs about £35 per night per person sharing.

4-star hotels in the same city are priced at about £50 per night while they are cheaper in other cities within the island like Alcudia where they cost about £38.


Airbnb is relatively cheaper than hotels and you can get deals in decent apartments, townhouses, penthouses and other rooms with very good amenities at very good rates. On average, Airbnb in Mallorca averages at £40 per night.


Hostels are aplenty here as well. They are the cheapest option with deals starting at £25 per night with breakfast. Hostels are ideal for those looking to spend only a few days in Mallorca and are on a tight budget.

Food and drinks

There is an array of menus, cuisines and drinks which are native to the Balearic Islands. The finger-licking cuisines are awesome but come at a price.

A full course restaurant meal for a family will cost about £70. It is cheaper to buy food on the streets and a quick meal costs about £15.

For those staying at an Airbnb, you can buy ingredients and cook meals for as low as £6 a meal but you’ll need to know how to find your way around the stalls selling vegetables and other supplies.

Beer and other drinks are sold at pretty much the same price except in the pricey bars.

Ensure that you sample the exotic vintage wine in the wineries tucked away in the east coast of the island. A bottle of wine will cost about £40 but it really is awesome.

Transport within the Island


Taxis from the airport to the city centre will cost you about £35. If you opt to take a taxi to move within the city, it is likely to cost you anything from £25 to £100 depending on the distance.

ii.Car Hire

If you are a family, you can choose to hire a car for a week or even a month. Cost of car hire depends on the model you opt for but on average, car hire will cost about £300 per week and about £1,000 per month. Fuel is a little bit more expensive here and you should brace yourself for that.

iii.Public transport

Public transport is quite developed and is relatively cheap. From as low as £3 you can move within Palma and £10 for buses out of town.

iv.Bikes for hire

You can hire a bike for £2 an hour. They are handy when touring the back roads and countryside.

Sightseeing costs

Fortunately, most of the picturesque sites in Mallorca can be seen for free. You, however, will need to part with some money to get into museums, take bus tours within the city, go on scuba diving in the nature reserves, take boat trips and go on excursions.

Excursions in the water average about £100 for 3 hours while tours within the city cost about £20. Tickets to museums and other cultural heritage sites cost about £30 per person.


Mallorca is renowned for a vibrant nightlife and some of the biggest music festivals. The entertainment scene here is appealing especially to the youth. A night out for fun and entertainment in a good club or bar will cost you about £50.

Emergency and miscellaneous cost

Mallorca is full of goodies and surprises. It would be a shame if you went on holiday and didn’t come back with a gift for your loved one or a souvenir for the future.

As such, you should set aside some money for an emergency and other miscellaneous costs. Carry with you a spare £200 and you will not regret later.

Hopefully, our breakdown of costs above will help reduce impulsive spending and making bad financial decisions while on holiday in Mallorca. Use our guide to plan your
trip to the scintillating Island of Mallorca and you will have a time of your life.

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