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How To Get Money In An Emergency

How To Get Money In An Emergency

6 tips on how to make quick money in an emergency hassle free.

From unpaid bills, due essential subscriptions, to normal emergencies like medical attention can leave one depressed, especially with no bucks to spend at such a time. It worsens when desperation rips in. The situation is depressing especially if you have no job that can enable you to secure that quick loan from your bank or an advance salary from your current employer.

So how do you get the bucks to get you out of your pit?

We explore 11 ways to quickly and legally get the bucks flowing into your wallet for your emergency money.

Selling jewellery

sell jewelleryThis is the ultimate way so far so good. You will never miss someone to buy the gold, silver or precious stone jewels that you own. Whether they are gifts from your long gone granny, you are in an emergency and granny will have to deal with that wherever she will be watching from.

Go to the local jewellery shop and ask them if they can have your pure gold or whichever precious earth metal jewels. The icing on the cake for jewellery is that its price does not depreciate that much. Be sure to seal a deal that is almost worth the price of your jewellery when new. Poor deals may not satisfy your need for emergency money.

Performing odd tasks

Personally, I hate waiting in long queues for a service or whatsoever. I would rather pay someone to do it for me. This is where you can perfectly fit in. In fact, you would have helped a poor soul accomplish a task that requires some special zeal. Whether it is running errands for people in your localities or performing a task do it however odd it can seem. After all, you are in need of money in an emergency situation. When the pay comes it will be all smiles. For tasks, be in the know of how they are accomplished and arm yourself with the necessary tools.

Pawn shops

I would not wish to make this my number three but to most people, it is the simplest way of getting emergency money. Pawn shops will buy anything of value to them. However, they come with a limitation that will make you think twice. Their prices are unchallenged at the world’s lowest. You must be a good salesperson to gain good cash from these outlets. One key tip to get the best of the deal is not letting your desperation for emergency money overwhelm you.

Selling unused stuff

growing moneyNumerous companies make a good killing selling stuff gained as junk. Unused stuff does not necessarily mean junk but can be sold as junk to raise money in an emergency. You can sell it online through your social media accounts or websites that facilitate the sale of second-hand items.

To wade off extra resources spent on hauling these items to their new owners, strike a deal that has a reduced price to cater for the same. You will realise that you have saved on decluttering services. Also during emergency money situations, it is easier to determine which items you stopped using, may not use in the near future or are surplus and out of fashion to you.

Rent out space in your house

There are countless travellers and students out there looking for places to crash on for some time in their new destinations. If your house is spacious enough, how about leasing that extra bedroom that rarely has visitors staying in it. Additionally, it will accelerate your need for emergency money experiencing visitors at times like these. Go online and look for any stranded person in need of your place. Be careful whom you choose to stay with. Security starts with you.

Extra hours

Did you know that the solution to your emergency money problem can be in your current job? Go up to your employer and ask if it is possible to rake in a few more extra hours since you need some money for emergency purposes. This will give you an added advantage in some companies that pay even better rates as compensation for working overtime. This may not work for you if the emergency requires money in the next minute or second.time

Nobody loves the hassle that comes with raising money in an emergency. We all dread it like a killer disease. To avoid such ugly situations the wise king Solomon will tell you to set up an emergency fund or craft an emergency credit structure. Emergencies do not knock on the door. In fact, they can use other inlets or even bring the whole house down to get to you.

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