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How Much Should I Take on Holiday To Las Vegas?

How Much Should I Take on Holiday To Las Vegas?

Vegas! The city that eats, sleeps and most certainly drinks money. If you are planning a trip there, then one thing is for sure. You cannot go into a spending spree without knowing how much you are spending.

There is nothing that’s as bad as running out of cash when you are in a foreign city.

To be honest, Vegas is a city that can run you dry with countless gambling spots, tourist attraction sites, and the ridiculously wild nightlife. Many people squander their fortunes within 24 hours.

How much money should I take on holiday to Vegas?

If this is what bothering you then worry no more. We are here to break down just how much money the city will squeeze out of your pockets before you scream, “That’s enough!”

While the costs could vary depending on your lifestyle, here are the average amounts that you are likely to spend.


Let’s first get this out of the way since most people go to Vegas just to enjoy the casinos. It is quite tricky to tell how much you will spend in the casinos as it usually depends on your mood at that time.

However, say, you are only going to be on the slot machine. If you stick to the lower denomination slots and only play for an hour, you could spend about £42 a day.

If you are playing for about 3 or more hours, try to fix your budget around £128 a day.

But, if you are more of a table game player, you could use about £171 dollars a day if you stick to the $5 tables. Mid-range table players can cough up about £480 per session.

However, try to resist the temptation of spending too much time on one game when on a tight budget. Play what you can afford.

Hotel expenses

Assuming that you are staying for a few days and have no vacation home in the area, you will need a hotel budget. Vegas hotels operate in different schedules for every vacation destination.

Hotels are more expensive during the weekends and festive holidays and quite cheap in the weekdays.

The costs can be as low as £18 per night and go as high as £570 a night in the posh areas of the city. If you are on a tight budget and are staying for 5 nights, you would use about £142.

It is better to plan your visit from Monday to Thursday as hotels are quite cheap then.

However, that formula would slap you in the face if you are going for a large convention in the town. You would need about £180-£290 dollars, especially during the JCK Trade Show.


One lovely thing about Vegas is that there are a variety of dining options to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. It is the culinary hub of the United States. Expect to find a celebrity chef in a couple of the restaurants.

If you opt for breakfast at the Planet Dailies, you may spend around £10. For more deluxe restaurants like the Mon Ami Gabi with a spectacular breakfast menu, you may use about £20-£35.

When it comes to lunch options, fast foods like burgers or milkshakes among others cost up to £40.
For dinner options, you can get from cheap fast foods to expensive five-star dining options. The costs for an easy grab is up to £20 and up to £490 for the five-star menu.


Vegas is sprinkled with sports bars, English pubs and posh cocktail bars that offer a variety of drinking options. At the casinos, drinks go for about £12, but they are free as long as you are gambling. But remember that it is polite to tip £1 to the server for each drink you get.

The nightclubs are rather expensive as you may spend more than £12 for every drink. The bottle service is insanely expensive and ranges around £980.

If you are in dire need of a drink but are on a strict budget, you could stop over at any liquor store and get a cheap drink. The good news is that you are allowed to walk around the strip with a drink so you can enjoy the city’s nightlife without spending too much money.


You will find it very hard to get public transport in Las Vegas. That is why many people opt for taxis to travel around the strip.

A taxi from the city centre to the airport cost up to £20. Bus charges from the strip to the airport is about £1.

Of course, walking is a cheap way to move from one casino to another while viewing the tourist attraction sites.

Shopping costs

There is no way that you are leaving Vegas without shopping for a couple of souvenirs. If you have a taste for luxury items, you can shop at one of the luxury shops. Either Crystals or Via Bellagio and get something that your friends will swoon over.

Vegas is also home to the Fashion Show Mall that houses all the fancy high street brands from famous fashion houses. You will use about £460 especially if you visit the chic Hermes shop.

If you are more of a laid back kind of person, you could visit the Downtown Container Park. It is the mother of all artsy boutiques, hip galleries, and restaurants. You can get a nice-looking art piece at only £16.


Vegas is the house of some of the largest entertainment productions in the world. Expect to find booths scattered all over the strips selling last minute special tickets to the productions.

For a premium seat in the popular shows, you will spend about £98 per sit. Other discounted sits go for about £46.

Miscellaneous expenses

Expect to pay for something you hadn’t taken into account in your budget. That shouldn’t make you feel frustrated as the extra charges may not be that high. You may use about £1 tipping fee for every valet, taxi, waitress, bellhop or server at the restaurant.

Factor in an extra £15 for parking fee and an extra cover charge of up to £8 if you are planning to visit the nightclubs. Overall miscellaneous expenses may add up to £46 at most if you are very outgoing.


Let’s face it, we all need help in planning for a trip whether it is for a business meeting or a vacation. The main idea is to gain the most we can from the visit and still keep our piggy banks happy. The secret is to be aware of what you love doing and draft a budget on how much it will cost you to do it.

Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£100 Per Day
Mid-range£400 Per Day
High-end£1,000 Per Day
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