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How much should I take on holiday to Dubai?

How much should I take on holiday to Dubai?

Travelling around the world is thrilling, fascinating, fun and risky at times. However, have no doubt that travelling is everything but dull. Roaming around the globe helps you adapt to every conceivable situation and also unshackles you from the inside.

As a traveler, Dubai must be one of your itinerant destinations and as a result, we will cover how much is needed to travel to this paradise and how to ensure your money lasts longer.

The first thing we think when Dubai comes to mind is the flashy skyscrapers and luxurious cars. This acts as a deterrent since many would-be travellers automatically assume Dubai is too expensive to visit.

However, you can still enjoy Dubai on a backpackers shoestring budget if only you are willing to forego the excessive luxuries and alluring enticements of Dubai. The average daily cost per person is £209.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£210 Day
Mid-range£350 Per Day
High-end£600 Per Day
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If your intended stay is one week it will cost you £1460, two weeks will cost you £2,921 while a month will cost you £6,258. If you wish to travel to Dubai as a romantic destination with your significant other it will cost you £2921 for one week, £5841 for two weeks and £12,517 for a month.

Cost of Plane Tickets to Dubai (average cost £265-£360)

Return Flight prices from Britain to Dubai range from £265-£360. This depends on how much in advance you book your tickets and the travel period.

Accommodation (average cost of £41 per day)

Accommodation is naturally the primary concern when travelling. Room space in the emirate of Dubai is a matter of personal choice. The city offers a wide range of alternatives, from luxurious hotel rooms charging £18,000 per night to economic hotels and hostels.

For visitors on limited budget hostels and dorms go for as little as £12. Hotels in Dubai can be as low as £18 per night and if you do not mind travelling using the Dubai metro you have the freedom to choose from hotels that are far away from the core town.

They are cheaper compared to hotel rooms located in the center of the city. Urban and Regular hotel rooms cost approximately £26-£38 per night and include amenities such as Wi-Fi and air-conditioned rooms with toiletries. Recreational facilities such as gyms and pools may or may not be available depending on the hotel’s policies.

Food (average cost of £12 per day)

Dubai will be an obvious delight for avid food lovers. Dubai offers an impeccable list of cuisines from across the world. European, Arabian, Emirati, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines are some of the food alternatives offered. Fine dining is generally expensive and you could spend as much as £50 on a plate. The city is also full of budget restaurants and eateries that can help you keep your budget under control and serve your taste buds with delicious delicacies. Some of the popular dishes that you must try on your travels to Dubai are camel meat, Al Madrooba, Al Harees and Al Majboos.

Below is a list of average Dubai restaurant charges:

• Soft drinks: (£3-£4)
• Sandwiches and burgers: (£8-£12)
• Appetisers and dessert: (£4-£9)
• Smoothies and shakes: (£5-£7)
• Children’s menu: (£5-£8)
• Main dishes: (£8-£22).

Transportation Costs (average cost of £4 per day)

Metro Rail

Dubai’s metro rail system is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient way to travel around Dubai, what’s more, they are driverless. However, to travel in them you will require an NOI card since you cannot use cash on them. A monthly pass for all zones costs 60£ and a single day pass costs 4£.

Road Transport

Taxis are more numerous than buses in Dubai but they also cost more. On the other hand, the bus system in Dubai is convenient and there are numerous buses that plan exclusive tours around Dubai for the visitors. These trips give you an impression of the best tourist attractions Dubai has to offer in an economical manner. The buses are clean well maintained and air-conditioned and the average cost per ride is £0.4 using a prepaid NOL card.

Attractions (average cost of £7 per day)

Dubai is fundamentally a tourist city, this is thanks to their leader’s vision. Dubai’s leaders have channeled their oil wealth to make their city one of the globe’s most thriving tourist destinations. Every attraction in Dubai is designed to please its tourists and an example of this is the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa which stands at 830m.

Dubai also offers other magnificent, world-renowned attractions some of which are free while a majority are inexpensive. Ticket prices at the Burj Khalifa observation platform at the 124th and 148th floor cost between £7-£20. You could also choose to visit the world’s largest natural flower garden the Dubai Miracle Garden which has over 40 million flowers organized in an adorable and breathtaking shapes and designs.

The tickets to this garden will cost you £1.

Other attractions like the malls of Dubai, Dubai aquarium and Dubai fountain are free while other enticements such as Ski Dubai, Global village and Dubai Dolphinarium are chargeable but worth every penny.

Cost of Nightlife in Dubai (average cost of 6£ per day)

Alcohol plays a crucial role in any city that observes a great nightlife, however, the rules are a little bit different in Dubai. Dubai has several restrictions concerning the consumption of alcohol. You must have a suitable authorization to sell or drink alcohol. This does not mean Dubai’s nightlife is boring, in fact, it is very vibrant with most of its nightlife occurring in high-end clubs where revelers drink and dance especially on weekends. Some of the most eminent beach party destinations and clubs include club 360, Nasimi beach, Mahiki, Trilogy, and Boudoir.

Hands-on tips while Visiting Dubai

  • Dubai is very hot especially during summer months. Although every tourist attraction site in the city might be well air-conditioned you should still bring your sunblock creams, hats and caps to help fend off the heat
  • You do not need any special immunisation while visiting Dubai. All the emirates in the UAE are safe health wise
  • You get a visa for free on arrival, the visa is usually valid for 30 days
  • Avoid visiting Dubai during the month of Ramadhan. The city observes strict fast rituals during this time and everyone including tourists have to adhere to these special rules during the holy month

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