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How Much Should I Take on Holiday to Australia?

How Much Should I Take on Holiday to Australia?

Golden beaches, sky-scraping mountains, croc-infested jungle and the Great Outback, Australia has it all. It’s one of the most beautiful and diverse holiday hot-spots on the planet.

Whether you’re visiting for a city break, looking to lose (or find) yourself in its vast desert landscapes, or on board for something a little more extreme, like surfing the countries shark-filled coastline, Australia can provide. Australia doesn’t just deliver holidays, it is said, it delivers adventures and creates memories that can last a lifetime.

A holiday of a lifetime?

Sounds pricey, right?

Well, yes, without beating around the bush, it can be. In fact, Australia can be very expensive, even for the locals. Tales are abundant of unprepared tourists burning through their holiday money too quickly and having to call back home for assistance from friends and family.

We don’t want that to be you, so we’ll cut to the chase; If you want to make the most out of your holiday in Oz, you’re going to need £120 per day.

When traveling in Australia your typical daily costs can be broken down into the following sections. Of course, there will be variables, depending on exactly the type of holiday you have planned, so please take that into account when doing your personal budget for your trip, but this a good guide for planning for the best and preparing for the worse, on your trip down-under.


In the North of the country (Queensland and the Northern Terrority), you can expect hostel prices to set you back around £12 per night. On the west coast, it can be even cheaper at around £8 per night, but as you push on further down the coastline, the price will invariably rise. The more densely populated areas near Melbourne will cost you anything from £15-£25 per night for a shared dormitory.

Some of these hostels will, however, include breakfast or a buffet lunch, so be on the lookout for this when deciding on which place you want to stay at, as inclusive food and drinks (no matter how limited), can make all the difference when on a tighter budget.

Hotels / Private Rooms

For a more private experience, travelers looking for their own hotel will, of course, pay more for the luxury, than staying in a hostel. Hotels in the Northern Territories and Queensland range from £40- £60 per night. You can expect to pay around the same on the west coast until you start hitting the more touristy areas near Melbourne, then you will be looking at a minimum of £60-£100 a night for a decent place to lay your head. A buffet breakfast, or at the very least, a continental breakfast, is usually included alongside a choice of Coffee or Tea in the above price range.


Eating out in Australia is not overly expensive compared to the UK. You can expect to pay around £8-£12 for a decent, albeit basic meal at most run of the mill outback or city restaurants. For something a little more upscale and tasty, a nice Italian restaurant, for example, you’re looking at around £20 per head. The well-known fast food chains that we have back in the UK; McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, are abundant throughout Australia too. A basic combo meal at any of the above will cost you around £6.


Nearly as famous for the Kangaroos and all day BBQ’s is Australia’s love of beer. It’s a national weekend past time, or at least it used to be. Now, it’s an especially expensive hobby, even by British standards (if you can believe it). A bottle or glass of draught beer will cost you around £6 and that’s at a normal drinking hole. For something a little more upscale you’re going to be paying up to £10 for a sip of that sweet amber nectar.

If you’re on a strict budget keep your eyes open for the numerous “Happy Hour” deals offered throughout the cities and tourist resorts. If you’re lucky you can slash the prices of your drinking in half, for a short time, at least. Cheers, to that!


A trip to Australia is hardly complete without jumping on one of the countries many tour buses and heading out into the great beyond. A 3-day camping tour, traveling out into the bush with a gang of like-minded adventurers will cost you anywhere between £250-£300 for the experience.

Make sure you check out some reviews before you put any money down, but the trips are generally well run, comfortable and well worth the money. Wherever you want to visit, be it Ayers Rock or Alice Springs, you’ll find plenty of options for your getaway. Booking in a big city or town with plenty of competing tour operators can make all the difference when sniffing out a deal.


Getting around in Australia is actually one of the more cheaper things to search out in a country that’s getting more and more expensive each year. From any of the big cities, where competition is healthy (to say the least) there are bargains to be had with both bus and air travel.

Most of the time, you’ll find flying a more economical option than taking the bus, no to mention the time and travel expenses saved by significantly cutting your travel time down to the bare minimum.

One of the more popular routes for tourists on holiday in Australia is the Cairns to Melbourne route. You can expect to pay around £300 to take this trip on one the countries Greyhound buses.

The same trip by plane will cost you between £70-£100. So, it can be a big difference, but you will get to see a lot more of the country when taking the bus, which is why many tourists, despite the price difference, still opt to take the more expensive option and take in the sights on the way.

The further you get out of the big towns and big cities the more limited your travel options become, unfortunately. The limited competition in these areas will raise the prices of all forms of travel except walking on your own two feet, so work this into your budget if you’re planning on traveling to some of the more remote areas Australia has to offer.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£100 Per Day
Mid-range£120 Per Day
High-end£200 Per Day
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