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How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Zante?

How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Zante?

Zante, or Zakynthos, is one of the most popular Greek islands. It’s almost impossible not to have seen at least a picture of the famous Navagio beach, also known as the Shipwreck beach. And good luck finding a tourism agency that doesn’t sell packages for Zante!

It’s easy to see why so thousands of tourists visit the island every summer (although the weather is pleasant all year round): long sandy beaches, traditional villages, wilderness, great food, buzzing nightlife, and the list can go on.

But ’How much money should I take on holiday to Zante?’’ you may ask.

The answer depends on what you plan to spend your money on. It’s totally possible to live on just £100 per week surviving on slices of pizza and chicken gyros, but do you really want that?

We suggest allowing at least £90 per day for expenses such as accommodation, food, drinks, and transportation.

But if you plan on joining one of the many parties on the island, you could be spending triple that, if not more!

So come prepared with at least £800 for a week’s worth of fun just to be sure you’re not missing out on anything.

Let’s take each major expense at a time to see exactly how much is everything in Zante.


You’ll probably be surprised to know there aren’t hostels any in Zante. This makes spending little on accommodation hard for backpackers or people on a tight budget. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of studios to choose from, and the starting price is usually £35 per night for a one-bedroom apartment.

You can also book a whole villa close to the beach for as little as £53 per night, so if you take a bunch of friends with you, it really pays off!

A double room in a 3-star hotel costs as little as £56 and as much as £270 per night in peak season. And if you enjoy the sweet taste of luxury, know that a double room at a 5-star hotel can reach up to £500 per night.

But you may be better off booking a cheaper but still decent hotel and saving your money for cool stuff to do on the island.


Eating out in Zante is not expensive at all. Not only that, but Greek food is delicious and healthier than most other traditional foods. The Mediterranean diet is world-renowned for its health benefits and freshness of ingredients. You’ll find restaurants and street vendors on almost every street on the island, so finding a place that fits your budget is a breeze.

Popular dishes like gyros and souvlaki that you can buy from street food vendors cost about £2, and they’re absolutely delicious!

A meal at the local taverna costs somewhere between £8 and £15 while a meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost up to £30, but only if you choose some of the pricier dishes on the menu.


As we’ve already mentioned, Zakynthos is one of Greece’s party islands, so if you’re young and restless come prepared to spend lots of money on booze. If you want to experience everything Zante has to offer in terms of clubs, yacht parties, and so on, bring at least £50 for each day of travel for alcoholic beverages alone. Or enjoy a glass of fruit juice with mom and dad by the beach if that’s more your thing.


If you want to get around Zakynthos, you can take the bus or a taxi, rent a car or a motorbike, or go by boat. You’ll find the KTEL bus service near every port, and tickets cost less about £1. Take the bus from the capital of the island to visit nearby locations such as Lake Candle, Argasi, and Vasilikos, among many other villages worth seeing.

The road network here is safe, so it’s worth renting a car to see as much of the island as possible. You’ll pay an average £70 per day for a car, so bring your friends along to split the costs!

Taking a boat is a great way to visit areas otherwise inaccessible by other means of transport. You can find a boat to rent or take a taxi-boat from the central port of the island.

Fun Stuff

Some of the most popular activities for tourists in Zante include diving and snorkeling. After all, you’ll be on an island, and it’s a shame not to experience this. Go underwater to see soft and hard corals, fish, and other marine life. One dive here costs around £40 (equipment included) while a full day of snorkel with equipment hire is about £25.

If you’re staying in Zákynthos Town or plan on visiting it, you can check out the museums here. The tickets are more than affordable and you’ll get the chance to learn more about the history of the island and Greece in general. Don’t miss the Byzantine Museum!

Another unmissable things to do in Zante is to take a 3-hour boat trip to the Keri Caves, an amazing rock formation surrounded by turquoise water. These tours usually stop at Marathonisi as well, a small deserted island offering amazing views. You can find a tour for as little as £20 per adult, but kids are charged a bit less.

There are also plenty of other things you can do for free (excluding the cost of getting to these locations, of course), such as visiting the Zakynthos National Marine Park and the Askos Stone Park, visiting the cities and villages on the island, or simply being a beach bum.

Wrapping Up

Blessed with picturesque villages, jagged coastline, and some of the best beaches in Europe, Zante is the place to be in the hot summer months. Don’t let your budget change your mind – there’s something for everyone here, and the prices of daily expenses range significantly. This means you can get by with less than you’d expect if you spend your money wisely.

Nonetheless, we suggest taking at least £800 with you for each week’s worth of travel to fully enjoy your time on the island.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£90 Per Day
Mid-range£250 Per Day
High-end£680 Per Day
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