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How Much Money Should I Take On Holiday To Vietnam?

How Much Money Should I Take On Holiday To Vietnam?

Vietnam is a land of cultural complexities, breathtaking natural beauty, tribal villages, and booming metropolises. After being shielded from the outside world for a long time, the country is now opening up as a major tourist destination.

Travellers around the world seek to befriend this exotic Asian country where the old historical sites and contemporary cities co-exist in pure harmony.

When planning a trip to this beautiful Asian country, one of the first things that come to the mind is – How much money should I take on holiday to Vietnam? We’ll help you with that!

The answer to that question entirely depends on how you plan to get around the country, what type of accommodation you choose to stay in, and the kind of food you eat.

Although Vietnam is one of the fastest developing countries in Asia, the cost of visiting is still lower than most other destinations around the world.

You can visit the country and travel around on a backpacker’s budget of at least £75.

Those who are looking for a five-star experience in the country may need to shell out about £250 per day, almost the same amount you would spend in the neighbouring countries like Cambodia and Thailand. Let’s further break down the cost of holidaying in Vietnam, in terms of cost of transportation, accommodation, and food in the country.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£80 Per Day
Mid-range£200 Per Day
High-end£470 Per Day
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What Are The Major Stop Over Cities

There are two main stopover cities in Vietnam – Hanoi located in the north and Ho Chi Minh City located in the south. Each city presents a plethora of things to do and places to explore to span over 2-3 days of stay. If you are stopping over for just one day, you may spend most of your time visiting the attractions within the city and may include one day trip nearby.

What Is The Cost of Transportation

When you arrive at the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, or the Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, you will need a taxi to get to the city center. In Ho Chi Minh, a cab ride will cost you less than £7. Make sure you only take the reliable Mai Linh or Vinasun cabs in Ho Chi Minh.

In Hanoi, be prepared to pay slightly more to get to the city center – £20 to £25 per trip. Vinasun doesn’t operate in the city, so make sure you only take the Mai Linh cabs.

Once you in the city, the best way to get around is xe om or motorbike taxis. Beware of the touts as they tend to charge more when they see foreigners. To be on the safer side, choose to go with Grab moto or Uber taxis as they have standard rates.

While Vietnam has a good network of trains and buses, we would suggest that you avoid them unless you don’t mind spending a considerable part of your time sitting in a bus or train. A bus ticket will cost you less than £2 for an hour of travel time. A train ticket from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, which is considered the longest rail route in Vietnam, will cost less than £50 per person.

The choices you make while getting around will highly impact ow much money should I take on holiday to Vietnam?’

What Is The Accommodation Cost

Vietnam has a variety of accommodation options to suit travelers of discerning tastes. From budget backpacker hostels and city lodges to expensive and luxurious hotels, you name it and they have it!

In both the major cities, budget hostels can be booked for as low as £10 per night. This will include a standard bed, free wifi, and free breakfast (optional). If you are looking for mid-range hotels, the prices may vary between £10 and £20 per night. Those seeking luxurious accommodation also have a plenty of choices starting from £30 per night.

In Ho Chi Minh, you will find the majority of hotels in the Pham Ngu Lao area. Some of the popular hotels are Beautiful Saigon 3 Hotel, Duc Vuong Hotel, Silverland Yen Hotel, and The Reverie Saigon. In Hanoi, you can find decent hotels in the Old Quarter area. Some of the popular hotels are Hanoi La Siesta Hotel Trendy, Thang Long Opera Hotel Hanoi, Pan Pacific Hanoi, and Fraser Suites Hanoi.

Food and Drink

Food and drink in Vietnam come really cheap and we would suggest you try the incredible local dishes that are both delicious and affordable. If you are not a fan of fried fishes, check out the various cafes and low-cost western restaurants in the city.

If you are on a budget, you can get a filling meal on the street for less than £10. However, if you prefer to dine in an air-conditioned restaurant then this will set you back for £50 or more per person. A lavish dinner including expensive wine in a high-end restaurant in Hanoi or Saigon may cost you about £200 for two people.

Day and Overnight Trips

Depending on your duration of stay in Vietnam, you may choose to take day trips to nearby places or explore the country more closely with overnight trips. A day trip from Ho Chi Minh City would be to the popular Cu Chi Tunnels, which were built in the 1940s and have historic significance. One day trip will cost you less than £30.

From Hanoi, you can take a trip to the nearby limestone parks that have breathtaking natural formations. A day tour of Tom Coc and Hoa Lu will cost you between £75 and £150 for a 2-3 day trip. Cost includes transportation and standard accommodation.

Those who want a quieter retreat can take a round-trip flight to the breathtaking Phu Quoc Island. The trip (excluding accommodation) will cost around £100 and once you are on the island, you can find a decent accommodation for less than £30.

SummaryComing back again to the question ow much money should I take on holiday to Vietnam?’ – we would say £200 to £300 is enough for a good two to three days stopover.

If you plan to stay for one week and include one or more destinations in your itinerary, be prepared to spend around £300 to £600.

Let’s say you fall in love with the country and plan to extend your stay by one more week, a 3-week trip to Vietnam will cost you from £800 to £1500.

Again, the cost of visiting Vietnam will vary widely depending upon the individual’s personal choices. What separates the country from others is that it much cheaper than other destinations you’ve been to. If you are traveling on a tight budget and wish to explore your heart out, Vietnam should work for you.

Those who have the money to spare can afford to see more of this exotic country comfortably in less time, get around more efficiently, and sleep more luxuriously.

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