How much money should I take on holiday to the USA?

How much money should I take on holiday to the USA?

More than 5 million Brits travel across the pond to the United States every year for holiday.

Without proper financial planning, a dream holiday can easily turn calamitous so knowledge of the average cost of a holiday in the United States will be more than imperative.

So, how much money should I take on a trip to the USA?

Average Cost of a Holiday in the USA

The average cost of a holiday in the United States for a Brit in 2018, is about £3,000 per person per month including flights to and from the United Kingdom.

Depending on the time of the year that one makes the trip across the pond, the number of people on the trip and other factors such as the final destination, there is a variance of about 25% in the quoted cost.

If broken down further, on average, an adult on holiday in the United States is expected to spend about £100 per day including accommodation.

For those looking to travel as a family, it is estimated that a family of 4
travelling to the United States for a holiday can spend anything between £9,000 and £11,400 for a period of 5 weeks.

These prices are subject to the time of the year one travels, the destinations, the performance of the pound against the dollar at the time of travel and the activities one engages in.

So how are these figures arrived at? What is the breakdown of the costs that a Brit on holiday in the USA is most likely going to incur?

Are you planning to visit the US and want to budget for the trip? Do you want tips
and a guide on how to judiciously spend on your trip to the United States?

Well, we conducted comprehensive research on the cost of holidays in the US and here is a comprehensive breakdown of the individual costs of services, products and other miscellaneous activities which a tourist from the UK will incur in the United States and tips on how to save on the same.

Breakdown of the cost of services and tourist activities in the US


Depending on the time of the year that one travels, the airline one chooses and the type of seat that one opts for, the average roundtrip to and from the United States, averages at just over £1,000 per adult.


Just like in the UK, accommodation in the United States comes at a premium for tourists. Tourists have the option of staying in hotels while on vacation or opt to use Airbnb services.

A lot of UK tourists in the United States looking to stay for more than a week, prefer to book into Airbnb while short-term tourists opt for hotels.

The average Airbnb private room costs about £67 per night while a 3-star hotel will cost you about £80 per night. The prices are subject to the location of the hotel or Airbnb room but will vary by about 15%.


The U.S is home to some of the best delicacies, diverse menus, finger-licking cuisines and numerous culinary innovations. Although most astute Brit will tell you that British food is better than American food, the latter is a tad more expensive than what we are used to here in the UK.

On average, you are likely to spend £25 per day on food but this will be cheaper if you cook in your Airbnb accommodation.

Tourist activities and entertainment

From ambient cascading waterfalls, trips to historical sites, sandy beaches, museums, national parks, vibrant nightclubs, zoos to football stadiums, there is a plethora of tourist destinations spread across the US.

The beauty of these attraction sites in the US is that they are quite affordable with tickets ranging between £3 and £20 per person.


Moving across the country is relatively cheap as well. Hiring a car will cost you about £450 per month and fuel is about £0.50 per litre which is cheaper than here in the UK.

Flights within the country are also relatively cheaper than in the United Kingdom. The city to city to buses and trains are also affordable and convenient, especially for short distance travels.

Miscellaneous Costs

From shopping, toiletries, laundry, gifts to other unplanned expenditure, you should carry an extra £400 per month.

This will help sort any emergency and buy a few gifts and souvenirs to bring back with you.

There you have it, a breakdown of how much you will need for a holiday in the United States. America is truly great value for money and the welcoming people there will help make your trip unforgettable.

Plan your finances in advance and have the time of your life in the United States!

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