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How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Spain?

How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Spain?

Also known as the land of siesta, Spain is renowned for its laid-back pace of life. Here you can take more than a second to relax, enjoy yourself, and stuff your belly with some of Europe’s most delicious dishes and fine wines.

Nonetheless, for the active traveler, there’s plenty of interesting and more dynamic things to do as well. But… just how much can you be expected to splash out?

For those of you wondering ’ How much money should I take on holiday to Spain?’’ we’ve put together this small but comprehensive guide which will surely help you out when planning your trip.

If we are to keep it short, you should know that a single traveler should bring at least £80 for each day of travel, a couple could make due with £150, while a family of four can spend as much as £300 per day.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£83 Per Day
Mid-range£150 Per Day
High-end£400 Per Day
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Of course, it all depends on how much you’re splurging on yourself during your travels and how much of the country you plan on seeing. This is why we’ll discuss all of your expenses in more detail below, going over important considerations such as accommodation, food, cultural activities, car hire, public transportation, and more.


A solo traveler on a budget can spend as low as £16 per night for a bed in one of Spain’s many hostels. Prices go up the closer you are to the city center but you can still book a bed for about £20 right in the heart of your destination city. If you’d rather have the whole room for yourself, though, you’ll need to spend a little over £80 per night for a single room with private bathroom.

Couples can book a double room with private bathroom for about £100 at a good hotel close to the city center, while a room at a 5-star hotel right costs about £270 per night.

A family of four should put aside about £100 per night for a quadruple room at a good but basic hotel. Prices can run up to £600 per night for a family room at a 5-star hotel.


Spanish food is so tasty you’ll want to try a bit of everything. If you have breakfast included at your hotel, then you’re in luck; but if not, you will probably be spending about £10 per day for breakfast.

Moving on to lunch, you’ll be able to save a few pounds by taking advantage of the lunch menu offered by some restaurants for only £15.

Dinner is when many prefer to splurge and order many tapas, main dishes, wine, and beers. Put aside at least £20 per day for dinner, but it may run you up to £50 if you plan on spending most of your night at a restaurant.

Cultural Activities

While there are a few very good museums which offer free entry, you’ll still need to pay an admission fee to many of the country’s excellent museums and art galleries. An entry ticket to the world-famous Casa Batlló in Barcelona costs about £25 while the admission ticket for Park Guell is around £15.

For those of you into sports, you should know that a basic ticket for the Camp Nou stadium and museum costs about £24.

If you’re a museum buff you will probably spend at least £30 per day on museums alone, so make sure to bring enough money with you to satisfy your nerdy side. But here a tip: find a Tourist Information Center and ask for the city museum pass. They always offer good value for the money and they’re the perfect way to save up.

Another popular attraction for tourists when visiting the larger cities in Spain is the hop-on-hop-off bus tour, which costs about £18 on an average per person.


If you plan on moving around quite a lot inside a city, best put aside around £20 for taxis, buses, subway, and other means of public transportation. Of course, you can always do a lot of walking and save money, but you may find that some attractions you want to visit are a bit too far from the city center to simply walk there.

Now, wouldn’t it be a shame to visit just one place in Spain? The country is absolutely stunning, whether your goal is to see more of the urban spots or the countryside.

We suggest hiring a car and travel around the country if you have the time. Prices run about £30 per day per car. If you’re traveling with friends, the merrier the better because you can split the costs!

Wrapping Up

Spain is not the cheapest of European countries, but traveling there doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you’re young and want to see as much of the country as possible on a small budget, you can even couchsurf (choose your host wisely), carpool from place to place, and eat from local supermarkets (stay away from those in touristy areas).

If you want to enjoy everything Spain has to offer without having to calculate your every expense, bring some extra money than you initially planned just to be safe. If you’re borrowing, don’t accept high interest loans, try some alternatives instead. Oh, and always consider other expenses such as souvenirs for your friends and family back home

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