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How much money should I take on holiday to Prague?

How much money should I take on holiday to Prague?

The abundance of picturesque sites, rich historical heritage, magnificent weather and welcoming locals in Prague, appeals to very many Brits.

It is not surprising, therefore, that close to 500,000 UK tourists go on holiday in Prague and other Czech Republic tourist destinations every year.

Just like any other tourist destination, for your trip to Prague to be successful, you’ll need to
financially plan everything upfront. So, how much money should you take on holiday to Prague?

Average Cost of a Holiday in Prague

On average, a trip from the UK to Prague in The Czech Republic costs about £2,400 per person per month. This includes flights to and from Prague.

If the trip lasts anything between 7 days and 10 days, then statistics show that a Brit is likely to spend about £1,040 in Prague.

Additionally, a family of 4 on holiday in Prague, spends an average of £8,200 per month in Prague and £3,400 per week in the same destination.

The cost of the trip depends on many variables

The cost of a holiday in Prague will be affected by a number of factors. Depending on the time of the year that one opts to make the trip, the number of people on the trip, the type of accommodation that one opts for, number of activities that one engages in while in Prague and the performance of the Sterling Pound against the local currency, the cost can have a variance of
about 30%.

So, how does cost of a trip to Prague average at just above £1,000 per week? Well, we have provided a breakdown of the cost and included the essentials and a few tips on how you can save a few pounds while enjoying your holiday in Prague.

Breakdown of the cost of the trip

1. Cost of flights

As earlier on mentioned, the cost of flights is included in the average cost of a holiday in Prague. The cost of flights from the UK to Prague and back, averages at about £450 but this once again depends on a number of things.

The cost of the flight depends on the time of the year that you make the trip, the class in which you travel and the airline you opt for.

It is wise to book your flight a month or so in advance as this will help you to save significantly on the cost of the ticket because ticket prices soar when the holiday season peaks.

2. Accommodation

Statics show that more than 67% of all Brits who holiday in Prague, put up in 3 and 4-star hotels while the others opt for Airbnb and other forms of accommodation. The cost of living in a room in flatshare city centre is about £240 per month and £70 per week per person.

Opting for a 3-star hotel with all meals included in the package will cost a single person about £650 per week. A 4-star hotel, on the other hand, is a little costlier averaging about £800 per week.

It is advisable to try and book into Airbnbs just outside the city because they are cheaper and will cost you about £20 per night but will have the option of cooking your own meals and offer more flexibility.

3. Food

Hotels and restaurants in Prague offer some of the most mouth-watering foods and refreshing cuisines in Europe. Comparatively, restaurant food in Czech is cheaper than UK food.

It is also worth noting that most hotels serve up full course meals and the fast food culture is not as rampant in Prague as it is in London and other major cities in the UK.

On average, a family of 4 is likely to spend about £35 per meal. A single lunch will cost a single person about 150 CZK which is the equivalent of £5.

It is even cheaper for people who opt to cook for themselves while residing in Airbnbs because food in the streets of Prague is very cheap and there is quite a variety to choose from. The cost of beers and soft drinks is universal and will not cost much, therefore.

4. Transport within Prague

Moving around in Prague is relatively cheap. Taxi Airport to the city centre will cost you about £20 and anything between £6 and £8 to move within the city centre.

Alternatively, if you are intending to move about frequently, you can grab a one day pass public transport ticket for £4.

5. Entrance fees and ticket costs to tourist attraction sites

As earlier mentioned, Prague is not short of awesome tourist attractions and preserved heritage centres which attract millions of tourists globally.

From the iconic Charles Bridge, the sprawling Castles in the Prague City Centre, the scintillating Astronomical Clock in the Old Town to the nostalgic Art Nouveau, there are very many places where you can visit while on holiday in Prague.

The average cost of tickets and entrance into these places of interest is about £4. The larger, privately owned and more significant sites might cost a little more. Private museums and the Prague Castles cost about £14 which is still fairly cheap.

6. Entertainment

The entertainment scene in Prague is quite vibrant and you have every right to set aside some money to visit some of the top entertainment spots and the musical events which are frequent in Prague.

Operas and Symphonies, in particular, are very good family events and they are very affordable. Tickets to such cultural events average at about £5 and the experience therein is unforgettable.

7. Miscellaneous Costs

You never know what you are going to like while on holiday and should, therefore, have some spare money for the miscellaneous costs. Depending on your preferences in life, you can carry anything between £100 and £300 for shopping and other miscellaneous activities.

So, is your ‘how much money should I take on holiday to Prague’ question answered? We hope our breakdown and professional tips on how to minimize the spending while on vacation in one of the best European tourist destinations 10 times better.

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