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How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Paris?

How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Paris?

If you’re currently in the process of planning a once in a lifetime trip to Paris and are curious about how much money you should set aside for your upcoming holiday, simply continue reading to discover how much money you should budget for your trip to Paris.

How much money should I take on holiday to Paris?

Expect to pay around £400 per day on accommodation, transportation, food, activities and attractions, and souvenirs.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£400 Per Day
Mid-range£500 Per Day
High-end£900 Per Day
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While you may not plan to attend an evening show every night, it’s also well worth adding an extra £100 to your weekly travel budget to attend a world-class show as Paris is world renowned for offering high-quality ballet shows, theatre shows, and Operas.


If you’re happy booking accommodation a centrally located 2-star hotel, you should be able to find a comfortable room in a budget hotel for around £130 pounds. However, if you’re looking to stay a highly rated hotel which boasts modern facilities and amenities, expect to pay between £220 – £440 per night.

Dining out

If you plan on enjoying lunch at a French cafe, whilst you’re out and about exploring Paris, expect to pay around £13. If you’d love to sample authentic French fare but are keen to stick to a budget, your budget will stretch much further if you opt to eat meals out at lunchtime, rather than at dinner time when meals are twice as expensive at your average restaurant.

As an example, while you should be able to enjoy a hearty lunch in Paris for £13, you should expect to pay around £45 for a decent meal at an average restaurant.

Thankfully grabbing breakfast in Paris is relatively inexpensive as you’ll be able to purchase a coffee and a pastry or croissant for £4.50. However, keep in mind that many hotels in Paris will offer guests a daily complimentary breakfast.

Snacks are also inexpensive in Paris and a traditional French baguette should only set you back £1, however, if you plan on purchasing food or snacks from a local grocery store, you can purchase a baguette for £0.50. While many tourists write Paris off as being overpriced the truth is that it’s possible to explore Paris on a budget or as part of a luxury vacation.

In general, if you plan on eating out for every meal, it should be safe to budget around £65 per day for food, if you’re happy drinking water. If you wouldn’t dream on visiting Paris without enjoying a glass of wine, add £15 per day for 3 glasses of wine. If you are keen to purchase three glasses of wine per day, you should expect to pay £80 per day on food and drinks.

Must visit attractions

You may be surprised to read that many of Paris’ most famous attractions are free to visit. A popular example of which is the Notre Dame. Better yet, tickets to explore the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Arc de Triomphe are all affordably priced and range between £10.50 and £15. If you plan to make the best possible use of your limited time in Paris, it’s well worth visiting two attractions, one attraction in the morning and a second attraction in the evenings. Assuming that you visit two must-see attractions in a day, you should put aside £30 per day, to spend on sites and attractions.


If you love the sound of cruising down the River Seine during an evening cruise, it’s well worth budgeting £20 per activity. As most activities in Paris will cost £20 or less. Another example of a cheap activity which you may be interested in booking is a bicycle tour of Paris, which will allow you to get your bearings in the first few hours of your whirlwind trip to Paris!

Evening shows

After enjoying a satisfying French dinner at a bustling bistro or restaurant, it’s well worth booking a ticket to see a world class show. As an example, if you’d love to tick seeing a show at the world-famous Moulin Rouge off your travel bucket list, you’ll be able to purchase a ticket for around £80.


If you’re a fan of designer brands, you’ll fall in love with Paris as its home to numerous high-class designer brands which offer Paris based flagship stores. Examples of French brands which are based out of Paris include Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel. If you’d love to pick up a stylish wallet or handbag from a designer brand you’ll want to budget between £800 – £3000 to purchase a luxury item.

However, you don’t have to spend a small fortune in order to purchase a few souvenirs from your trip to Paris. If you’d prefer to purchase smaller souvenirs such as a beret, a bottle of French wine or a box of artisan French chocolates, you’ll be able to purchase a souvenir per day for around £10.

Alternatively, if you’d love to decorate your home with a one of a kind piece of art, make sure to stroll down the Quai Voltaire which is conveniently located right in front of the Orsay Museum and boasts a marketplace where you’ll be able to purchase hand-painted works of art for around £10.


Unless you’re comfortable contending with Paris’ traffic, you’re far better off using Paris’ world-class public transportation system in order to get from one attraction to another. If you choose to purchase a Metro pass, expect to pay around £1.42 per train trip. However, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing a 10 trip ticket which will set you back £14. If you plan on using the metro everyday budget £28 per week to take up 20 trips on the metro.

So if you plan on visiting the city of love and lights in the near future make sure to budget around £400 per day, to ensure that you’re able to enjoy the best sites, restaurants, shopping, and activities which Paris has to offer.

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