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How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Norway?

How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Norway?

Fjords, dynamic landscapes, idyllic bays and islands, the northern lights and the midnight sun – it’s because of these attractions and many others that Norway is one of Europe’s unspoiled lands of wonder.

But here’s a catch: Norway is also one of the old continent’s most expensive countries. And when we say expensive, we really mean it! Even Brits may be shocked upon seeing some of the prices here. Best come prepared!

So, how much money should I take on holiday to Norway?

The average daily cost of travel in Norway is about £130 per person. However, you’d better come prepared with about £180 per day if you plan on visiting more than just Oslo or the city you’re flying to because the trains, buses, and cruises are very expensive!

One person can easily spend £800 per week on essentials alone.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£180 Per Day
Mid-range£300 Per Day
High-end£500 Per Day
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These are the estimates for one adult, but if you’re visiting with your kids, you will need to consider their expenses as well. While they may enjoy a few discounts (at museums, for public transportation tickets, and more), it’s safe to say they’ll be spending almost the same amount of money as the adults.

Let’s discuss the average prices for major essential expenses such as accommodation, food and beverages, and transportation to get a better idea of the ideal budget for your trip.


You won’t find anything cheaper than a hostel here in Norway, but even hostel prices are costly compared to other European destinations. A bed in a dorm with about 9 or more other people will cost you at least £24 per person.

For a double room in a midrange hotel, you’ll need to shell out at least £70 per night. Top-end hotels are obviously quite expensive, and you will probably have a hard time booking a room for less than £150 per night. Family rooms at a good 3-star hotel are about £100 per night.

You can also book huts and cabins outside the cities and in rural areas, but they’re not necessarily less expensive as you will usually still pay over £50 per person.

Food and Beverages

There are excellent supermarkets and street food vendors that offer sandwiches, hot dogs, and other foods for a more affordable price than a restaurant. A basic meal can cost you anything from £10 to £15 per person. Also look for lunch specials which are usually around £15 per person. Lunch or dinner at a midrange restaurant costs about £25-£35 per person.

As for beverages, you will spend about £3 per day on bottled water, and if you enjoy a few alcoholic drinks now and then, add about £7 to your daily budget.


Norway’s public transport is one of the most reliable ones in Europe, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Taxis are costly here, so it’s best to avoid using them if you’re traveling on a budget because you can spend up to £16 for just two kilometers. One public transport ticket is about £5 for one adult and kids are usually offered a 50 percent discount.

It’s important to mention that you can use the same ticket on all public transport, which includes the tram, bus, metro, ferry, and train. There are also 24-hour and weekly tickets which offer good value for the money if you are planning on using public transport more often than not.

If you plan on seeing more than just the capital city of Oslo or another touristy town, you will spend at least £50 for a one-way train ticket to a new destination within the country. Worth mentioning is the fact that train ticket prices vary depending on departure time.

Trains leaving early in the morning cost more while trains leaving in the evening or during the night can be as much as 50 percent cheaper. Consider booking a night ride if you want to save money on transportation. Spending the night on the train also means you’ll be saving money on accommodation too.

You can also hire a car for as low as £60 per day for a mini vehicle. Bring your friends along with you on your holiday to split the costs!

Wrapping Up

Many people are reluctant to visit Norway because of how expensive it is. However, this Scandinavian country is so amazingly beautiful that it would be such a shame to skip it just because it’s not a budget destination. While it’s true that some expenses are higher than what you’re used to, others are quite reasonable. Bring about £1200 per person for each week of travel just to be safe. You’ll be happy to know that most Norwegians speak fluent English and are happy to help you with all your inquiries about where to eat for less and how to get from place to place without spending too much money.

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