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How much money should I take on Holiday to Malaga?

How much money should I take on Holiday to Malaga?

How much do you need to travel to Malaga for a holiday?

It may cost you less than you imagine, or more than what you would like to spend. This post is all about money. After all, your finances will dictate where to go and things to do. It is obvious that you would like to travel to Malaga for a holiday without becoming bankrupt or being stranded.

The average cost of staying in Malaga for a day is £70 per person. We are going to look at what this figure entails and how you can utilise it to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£70 Per Day
Mid-range£190 Per Day
High-end£350 Per Day
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Let’s assume that you don’t have a friend or relative in Malaga. The cost of housing will depend on what you want. You will need £43 to stay in a standard hotel room per night.

Most hostels in Malaga charge £35-39 per person for a night, while the cost of staying in high-end hotels range between £45-£70. This cost includes the covers for breakfast, but some hotels charge meals separately.

Apart from hotels, you can seek alternative accommodations in Malaga. One option that is quickly becoming popular is the tourist apartments. This option comes in handy for tourists who want to have some control over their accommodation issues. The cost of tourist accommodation is £60-£80 per night.

In general, the cost of accommodation in Malaga depends on the facilities available in a hotel or hostel as well as the location. If you want the best facilities, choose hotels that are rated 4 stars and above. The hotels and holiday apartments located on the East side of the region tend to be pricier than others, mainly because of their proximity to the beach.

Cost of food in Malaga

You are likely to spend about £20 on food for one day in Malaga. However, this cost can significantly vary depending on your eating habit and the accommodation option that you choose. For instance, if you opt to stay in vocational rental apartments, the cost will be relatively lower because you will be preparing your own food, thereby saving you some money. The same applies when you stay in an Airbnb.

The price of bottled water that can last you for a full day is £5. If you want to avoid this, have a portable bottle and use the water from the hotels.

The price range of a beer bottle is £3-£7 while a 20 pack of cigarettes costs £5. The average amount that you will spend on alcohol is £26.

Generally, the cost of eating in Malaga is quite pocket-friendly. This means that you can sample some Spanish delicacies at reasonable prices.

For budget travellers, there are several ways of cutting down on the food expenses. Keeping off from the tourist restaurants is just one of them as these establishments are known for their high prices. If possible, choose an accommodation option that allows you to prepare your meals. Apart from freedom, you will also cut down on the cost of food.

Commuting in Malaga

How much will I spend to travel around Malaga during the holiday?

As a tourist, you aim to explore all the corners of Malaga until you are fully satisfied. However, there are no free transportation services. The average cost of commuting in Malaga is £14 per day.

This amount may vary depending on the number of trips that you make per day and the transport option that you use.

One of the cheapest ways of exploring Malaga is by walking. It is possible to explore some areas on foot because most hotels are located near iconic sites. By walking, you won’t incur any extra expenses, and you can make as many stops as you want. The good news is that there are some guides that can guide you through the various walking routes in Malaga.

Renting a bicycle is another cheap method that most tourists use to explore Malaga. The average cost of renting a bike is £7 per day. One of the most popular ways of getting around Malaga is by Bike Taxis which are also known as Trexis. These bikes consist of a pod-shaped carriage that is towed by a bicycle.

As a passenger, you will sit in the carriage and enjoy your time sightseeing. The cost of traveling on a Trexis is £9 per trip.

Segways have become popular and are now a preferred mode of transport for tourists visiting Malaga. However, they are quite expensive, and the average price of using a Segway is £30 per hour.

Some of the other means of moving around Malaga include metro, train, bus, taxi and car hire. The price, location, and convenience, however, determines the means of transport that you should use.

Entry Fees

You may have a difficult time when choosing which historic sites and monuments to visit and which ones to leave out. But still, it is possible to visit all of them, thanks to the pocket-friendly entry fees. In fact, you won’t pay to gain entry into some places.

Art museums in Malaga charge £5 admission fees while the price of accessing historical museums is £2-£5.

You won’t pay a dime to access ancient churches in Malaga. The maximum amount that you will spend as admission fees is £40. This amount covers all the iconic places in the province.

Parties and tickets for concerts will cost you not less than £10. However, this will depend on the total number of shows that you attend while on holiday.

Other Costs

As usual, you will find yourself spending on other issues, even if they may not be essential. These include internet, clothes, souvenirs, medical among others. Since some of them are quite unpredictable, it is difficult to determine the exact cost. The average amount that you will spend on miscellaneous expenses won’t exceed £10.

Whether you are a budget traveller or you are a free spender, proper finances will have an impact on your trip to Malaga. From the estimates given above, you will be able to approximate the amount of money that you need to travel to Malaga for your holiday.

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