How much money should I take on holiday to India?

How much money should I take on holiday to India?

Planning to visit India for your next holiday?

One of the things that you need to be concerned about is the budget. You need to know the amount of money that will sustain you during the holiday.

With lots of exotic places to visit, you need to keep a close eye on your budget. You need to establish the amount that you need for accommodation, food, travelling, entrance fees among other expenses that are associated with holidays.

This article is going to give you vital information about the cost to travel to India for a holiday.

If you are visiting India on a tight budget, you should be able to survive on £40 per day.

This amount will be enough to help you secure accommodation in budget hotels, eat simple and cheap food, use cheap public transport and travel in third class trains.

The mid-range budget that you will spend in a day is 90 GBP while the high-end budget is at least 150GBP per day.

Holiday ClassAmount Per Day
Budget£40 Per Day
Mid-range£90 Per Day
High-end£150 Per Day

Check the current exchange rate here.

The cost of staying in India for a holiday depends on various factors, including lifestyle, accommodation, transport options, place of residence among others.

Of course, the number of travellers will also determine the amount that you will spend. You, therefore, need to know whether you will be travelling alone or with your family.

The price may also vary with the region where you are planning to stay. The cost of residing in Bangalore may be different from that of staying in Pune or Chennai.

Accommodation Expenses

Finding somewhere to stay in India isn’t a big hassle whether you are a budget traveller or you are a heavy spender.

For the budget travellers, you can get cheap dorm rooms for as low as 50 RPS (0.56 GBP) per night. There are also some nice hotels that charge pocket-friendly rates per night.

A nice hotel that has a private room and bathroom will cost you at least 800 Rps (8 GBP) per night. However, major cities such as Mumbai, you will have to part with something close to 1500 Rps (15 GBP) per night. Such rooms come with some luxury amenities.

Here is a summary of the accommodation rates in India:


Dorm Room

You will only pay 300 Rps to stay in a dorm room for a night. However, you will have to bear with the poor living conditions.

Budget Room

You will spend between 500 Rps- 900 Rps per night. The conditions for such rooms are not very bad as you may enjoy some level of privacy, average furniture and hot water shower.

Deluxe Budget Room

The rates for these rooms range between 900 Rps to 1500 Rps. The room is spacious and comfortable, and you will enjoy a hot shower, comfortable mattress and television.

Deluxe Room

You need around 18 GBP or more for a deluxe room. These rooms come with all types of luxury that you may need during the holiday.


India is a food haven for tourists. You will barely walk for long without finding an eatery.

There is also a variety of foods for tourists to sample. Generally, the prices of food in India ranges from 15 Rps to 300 Rps. As expected, your appetite, location and frequency of eating will dictate the cost.

Transport Cost

The level of convenience that you need will determine your choice of transport option. Otherwise, the transport system in India is generally affordable. This is possible because there is a wide variety of transport options that tourists can use.

If you want to travel between different states, consider using air transport. The other transport options that you can use to commute in India include public bus, taxis, train or rickshaws within towns and cities.

Entrance Fees

One of the things that make India an ideal destination for tourists is its historic landmarks.

The entrance fees to these destinations vary significantly, but there are those places that you won’t pay a dime. However, the average cost of entrance fee does not exceed 10 GBP.

Most tourists from Britain find India to be an affordable destination as it is possible to enjoy your visit without straining your budget.

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