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How much Money should I Take on Holiday to Ibiza?

How much Money should I Take on Holiday to Ibiza?

Ibiza is one of the best places to spend your holidays in.

From exotic beaches, to world class clubs, state of the art foods and even luxurious hotels; people spend months saving to go and spend just a week in Ibiza. From the clubbing, the meals, accommodation and even to fine wine, Ibiza is definitely a place to go. So how much would you spend on a trip to Ibiza?

Analysing the average prices for a week of a holiday in Ibiza, the following is how much you would spend during the summer of your favourite event on a daily basis.

Air ticket and airport parking (£150 and £50 respectively)

Depending on your flight service provider and the timing, air ticket prices may vary. It also depends averagely on the place you are coming from. The above price is of a lady, let’s call her Victoria, who went to Ibiza in June 2017 during the White Isle trip and was from the United Kingdom and used the Leeds Bradford Airport.

This is a total of £200 for basically taking yourself to Ibiza from within Spain. The airport packing prices is per session of an hour.

Taxi and transportation within the island (£50)

Taxi prices also vary depending on distance but we are using an average trip distance of a few kilometers per day. Virginia travelled from the Leeds Bradford Airport to San Antonio and it totaled to around £35 plus a £5 tip. If you go around Ibiza daily touring different sites, it would cost you and average of £50 per day. Other transportation would include your personal love for thrill as an individual including motorbike rides as well as boat rides. If you are into such thrills then a £100 daily transport budget would do
you good.

Hotel and accommodation (£40)

Hotels in Ibiza are top-notch; there is no doubt about that.

If you plan on going for a holiday, maximize your spending on this. Go to a nice hotel with beautiful, well-kept rooms that are clean. Good customer service is very vital as a sell-off point for hotels and similar accommodations. Victoria spent £250 for an entire week in the 3-star hotel within San Antonio called Grand Sol Hotel. If you want more expensive hotels of 4 or 5-star status then get ready to part with at least £800-1000 per week.

With the three star hotel services, Victoria got a serene and very clean room, free Wi-Fi that is fully functioning and even state-of-the-art security. If you ask me, that is a pretty good deal.

Dinner and drinks (£35)

Of course you can almost get any kind of food you want.

Straight from within your hotel, to the streets and to classy restaurants within the city, you can create a burst of flavor in your mouth that will make you love Ibiza even more. From lasagna to chicken pitta and even lobster, you can wine and dine like a king.

Averagely, if you have chicken pitta in a mid-level restaurant, like Victoria did, you will spend around £20. Further, you can have drink such as sangria for around £15. So set aside around £50 for your dinner every day to have meals to your fill.

Other meals (£50)

Okay, I did separate dinner from other meals for one specific reason: dinner rocks! Well, other meals are just as vital and you should spend enough money on them to have good meals. If you have around £10 you can have a great breakfast deal of a wrap, sweet pot and a drink. This will charge you up nice for a nice day.

Further, during the day you would need lunch or a snack to keep you powered up. You might need, for lunch, an average of £40 to have a good meal. These meals could all be had within your hotel but where is the fun in that? Go out and have your meals in exotic places you have never visited.

Supermarket purchases (£30)

Of course you will need supplies for your whole duration.

From snacks, to toiletries, to clothes and even impulse buying, you must always set aside some amount to cater for such expenses. During the course of the week other such expenses may arise it is thus vital that you set aside around £30 per day to ensure you are fully served. Remember this amount may vary depending on how much you are willing to spend and what you really want.

Clubbing and drinks (Beer and wine) (£100)

Who goes to Ibiza and does not party?

Everyone goes to Ibiza to experience the night life which is just spectacular. From tickets, to drinks
and club transportation you might require around £100 per day. Pretty expensive, right? It might be but it is definitely worthwhile. From high class vodka, to triple distilled whiskey and even to beer and other alcoholic drinks, these clubs offer the best when it comes to the night life, not forgetting good music that speaks to the soul. If you are not careful, you might end up spending all your nights partying.

Miscellaneous expenses

Several occurrences might come your way in the course of your stay in Ibiza. For instance, you might fall in and need immediate medical attention, you might be arrested and require cash bail to be released. Also, it
is possible to damage someone’s property and you might need to compensate them. There are several things that might need your finances to be implemented. It is therefore very vital to set aside around £500 for such expenses that you will reward yourself with at the end of it all.

There might arise several expenses not factored in within your budget and that is why it is vital to sit yourself and your crew down, draw up a budget and compare it with what you have. Plan ahead and ensure you get the best out of your visit in Ibiza.

In total, Victoria spent around £250 per day for her everyday expenses. That is quite affordable, right?

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£250 Per Day
Mid-range£350 Per Day
High-end£600 Day
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