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How Much Money Should I Take On Holiday To Hawaii?

How Much Money Should I Take On Holiday To Hawaii?

The Aloha spirit, sun-kissed beaches, technicolored coral reefs, azure water and lush green landscapes are some of the things that make Hawaii an adventurer’s dream. Sunsets and sunrises in the tropical island are so breathtaking that they are themselves a cause of celebration.

However, please be warned that a trip to these spectacular Polynesian isles doesn’t come cheap. If you are wondering “How much money should I take on holiday to Hawaii?’ then you have come to the right place.

While the cost of visiting Hawaii may vary widely depending upon your choice of accommodation, food, and activities, we will try to give you a rough estimate of how much may be needed for a comfortable trip.

If you are on a shoestring budget and prefer not to spend a lot on accommodation and food, you can manage with £150 per day one person. This will include a dorm bed, local plate lunch, and bus fare.

If you are willing to spend a little more then be prepared to set aside at least £150 to £300 per day per person. This will include a double bedroom with private bath, food at a sit-down restaurant, and rental car for getting around.

Those who seek the finer things in life may want to stay in the best of luxury beach hotels and eat in the most lavish restaurants.

So, be ready to shell out above £300 per day per person, for a luxury condo rental or beach resort hotel room, three-course meal with wine in a rooftop restaurant, and guided tour adventure. This may go up to £1000 depending on where you wish to stay and eat.

Let’s break this down further to give you an idea of how much to spend on transportation, accommodation, food, and other activities.


Once you arrive at the Hilo International Airport (ITO) or Kona International Airport (KOA), you will find rental cars to take you to the island. The cost of renting a car may go up to £35-£80 a day depending on the type of vehicle, distance to be covered, and travel time.

The price is outrageous during the peak holiday times. If you book in advance or visit Hawaii during the off-season, you can find rental cars for as cheap as £8-£20 per day.

You can choose to get around on the local buses, Uber or cabs to save on transportation costs. However, we would recommend that you try this only in Oahu where the services are better. For rest of the island, a rental car is the safest option.

When you are on a budget, we would suggest that you stick to one or two islands at the maximum. While island hopping sounds fun and each island have a distinct character that looks inviting, this can considerably increase your cost of holidaying.

Most of the domestic flights head in and out of Oahu, which explains why it is called he Gathering Place’. You may also choose to island hop without flying and there are two options available – The Maui–Lanai Ferry (£25 per person, each way); and the Molokai–Maui Ferry (£55 per person, each way).


This will be an important factor that determines the answer to your question “How much money should I take on holiday to Hawaii?’.

The cheapest accommodation option is to rent a condo or stay in a dorm when traveling with a group. In Hawaii, you will also find a plethora of small apartments and guest cottages that locals rent out at reasonable rates. We would recommend that you choose to stay away from the beach to save on accommodation costs.

A dorm bed mat cost you about £20-£50 and an apartment rent would be less than £75 per day. If you are looking for mid-range options, there are many beach resorts that may cost you less than £200 per day. Some good options are Hilton Waikoloa Village, Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, and Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa.

For those who wish to stay lavish and get a taste of sheer opulence can check into some of the best luxurious beach resorts in Hawaii such as The St. Regis Princeville Resort, AULANI A Disney Resort and Spa, Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, and Trump International Hotel. You can stay in a luxurious room equipped with modern amenities, prices starting from £300.

Food and Drink

This is another important factor that impacts the budget for a holiday to Hawaii. If you choose to stay in an apartment, you can pick a few staples from a grocery store cook your own meal.

Restaurants in Hawaii are mostly pricier but if you are looking to eat cheap, there are some local eateries where you can get a filling meal for less than £8. We would recommend that you eat a hearty lunch and go light in dinners. Most of the eateries provide a good discount for lunch.

If you prefer to eat more comfortably in a sit-down restaurant, this may cost you £15-£20 per person for breakfast, £15-£25 per person for lunch, and £25-£40 per person for dinner.

Those who don’t mind splashing the cash for the finest dining experience can enjoy a lavish spread at the roof-top restaurants that serve world-class delicacies and best wines. This can set you back for more than £75 per person.


Hawaii is a land of outdoor fun and adventure. However, that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket. How much you wish to spend on activities during your stay in Hawaii depends entirely up to you.

It may cost you nothing if you just choose to laze around in the beach, bask in the sun and watch the sunset or it may go up to £750 for a week of scuba diving, surfing lessons, snorkelling tours, driving around, guided hiking, and exploring. To save up on activities cost, we would recommend that you book guided outdoor adventure tour that can cost about £75-£200 per person.

Helicopter tours are usually pricier, but you can enjoy an entire day of water sports and spend about £50-£100 per person. Again, this entirely depends on how much time you wish to spend snorkelling, diving, surfing, etc.


While transportation, food, and accommodation will make up for most of the expenses on this tropical island, keep something aside for extra costs such as parking fees, tipping bartenders and housekeeping staff, the gas cost for rental cars, spa treatments, and shopping for souvenirs.

We would suggest that you plan your visit during the offseason to avoid too much crowd and get a good discount on everything from airfare and hotel room to eating out and activities.

Coming back again to the question “How much money should I take on holiday to Hawaii?’ – we would say about £1500 per person a week for budget travellers, between £2000 – £3500 for mid-range travellers, and anything between £3000-£7,000 for those who wish to sleep more comfortably, eat more lavishly travel more conveniently, and enjoy more activities.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£220 Per Day
Mid-range£600 Per Day
High-end£1,000 Per Day
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