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How much money should i take on holiday to Dublin?

How much money should i take on holiday to Dublin?

Do not let Dublin’s beauty lead you into believing it’s an expensive destination.

With a decent amount of money, you’d be able to enjoy the city’s beautiful scenery, attractions, food and even get to have fun in some of the popular nightclubs.

Dublin is both the capital and the largest city in Ireland so you can expect it to have a lot going on.

How much money should I really take on holiday to Dublin?

The amount of money you will need will depend on what you are really planning to do while on holiday. Are you the type that likes to relax or the type that loves to sightsee and experience different cultures?

If you re the type of person that loves to sightsee and visit different places as well as have fun, you could have peace of mind with £2,500 for a fun-filled one week holiday in Dublin.

This is roughly £410 spent every day including the cost of transport, accommodation and shopping. 

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£110 Per Day
Mid-range£240 Per Day
High-end£450 Per Day

The cost of a hotel

Spending a night in Dublin is rather cheap compared to other popular cities in Europe.

Dublin has over 150 hotels and the value of each will depend on the amenities and facilities you want.

With as little as £100 you can book a room in a cosy hotel such as the Ripley court hotel which is just 650m from the city centre. However, I would advise that you budget for at least £200 for a hotel. With this amount of money, you will be able to get yourself a room in one of the fancy hotels in the city like the Beresford hotel which goes for £188.

If you book such top-level hotels you will be certain of enjoying amazing facilities such as coffee makers in rooms, bathtubs, private parking, amazing bars and an excellent service to go with it.

The cost of food

‘Good food’ is not exactly cheap in Dublin. If you want to enjoy an amazing meal at a good spot you will have to part with at least £25 per bill, per person.

For instance, the Bad Ass Cafe in crown alley temple bar could serve you dinner at a cost of £25 and this could also include a glass of wine.

When looking for a place to eat, you should always pick a spot that is very appealing and good looking. The beautiful restaurants in Dublin are your best pick into finding some of the amazing local delicacies.

Always plan for a total of at least £70 as the daily food expenditure. This will cater for breakfast, lunch and a three-course dinner if you pick a restaurant that offers one.

The average cost of a good breakfast in most restaurants in Dublin will go for about £15 while lunch can go for about £25, depending on what you want to eat.

You should know that most hotels will have a package that is inclusive of all meals. While it can be great dining at the hotel you sleep, you might miss out on some of Dublin’s treats, meals and even cocktails.

The cost of transport

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland, but it does not mean it is necessarily huge.

If your hotel is based a few metres from the city centre, then you can access most of the city’s amenities on foot. However, if you would want to move around and explore the deep zones of the city such as the bull island then you will have to take a taxi, bus, train or tram.

The fares around the city range from £2-£7 but I will advise you to book the freedom pass bus ticket.

The freedom pass bus ticket gives you 72 hours unlimited travel on the Dublin bus at a cost of £30. This ticket gives you unlimited access to the Dublin bus and it also includes a sightseeing tour across the city.

This is a very good value as it cuts the cost f hiring a private tour. So when it comes to moving around you can plan for at least £70, this will also cater for the cost of the little taxi rides from time to time.

It is always wise to plan with a bit of extra money, you can never be sure that fares will not fluctuate. If you think you might need a bit of extra cash for your Dublin trip, you could get a free, no credit check loan quote here.

The cost of entertainment and Attractions

Anyone planning on a holiday should always set money aside for a little night time entertainment.

Dublin has plenty of amazing clubs such as the sugar club and button factory which are always packed with fun-filled Irish people.

The cost of beer is not expensive either, as a bottle of Guinness can go for about £5. No matter how much you like to party, £100 for a night out can be enough for you and a friend.

Most of the clubs are based around the city centre so you should not be worried about the fares if your hotel is somewhere around.

When planning for the entertainment, you should also include the cost of visiting some of the popular attractions. While you will not pay for fares when using the freedom pass ticket, some of the attractions will require you to pay for the entrance.

For instance, the Guinness storehouse will charge an adult £25 as the entrance fee and the Dublin zoo will need you to pay £18. Plus you might want to buy some of the amazing crafted items outside the attractions.

So a comfortable visit to several attractions in Dublin will need at least £40, that is if you plan to visit one attraction every day.

The cost of shopping

Of course, you will want to go home with a souvenir after visiting Dublin. There are plenty of amazing Irish gifts that you can buy for yourself and your loved ones back at home and with around £100, you can scoop up some fascinating items.

Dublin has several gift shops which sell locally made items. The Avoca hand weavers and the carrol’s Irish gifts are some of the popular ones. The average cost per item at these two shops is £20. Arnotts is another amazing gift shop in Dublin but the average cost per item is £50.

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