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How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday To Croatia?

How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday To Croatia?

Croatia is a beautiful country that lies on the edge of the Adriatic Sea to the east of Italy. The country has a spectacular coastline which experiences Mediterranean climate, lots of historic cities, and welcoming hospitality that makes it a top tourist destination site in Europe.

The nation is known to be an affordable tourist destination site although the prices have been rising over the past few years.

Are you planning to go on holiday in Croatia?

The biggest question you might be asking yourself is: “How much money should I take on holiday to Croatia?”

Well, the amount of money you need will depend on the season.

Typically, a one-week holiday during the high season, for two people, will require approximately £1,200.

This cost will cater for your accommodation, transportation, food & drinks, and certain fun activities along the coast.

The average daily cost for a trip in Croatia is £220.

This includes the cost of traveling to various tourist attraction sites, a hotel room for a couple, and food plus drinks. Consider carrying some extra money for your shopping.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£220 Day
Mid-range£300 Per Day
High-end£550 Per Day
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Accommodation in Croatia will most probably be the largest part of your budget. The prices for hotel rooms, apartments, and campsites vary depending on the season. If you visit the country during the high season (July and August) expect to pay more.

On average, for a one-week holiday during high season, for two people, you will need £300 if you will be staying in a campsite, £500 for an apartment that can accommodate up to four people, and up to £700 for a bed and breakfast in a 3-star hotel.

However, if you travel during the shoulder season in June and September, you will end up paying less. For instance, in June or September, accommodation for two will cost you approximately £200 if you prefer staying in a campsite, £400 for an apartment that can accommodate up to four people, and £500 for a bed and breakfast in a 3-star hotel.

Transport Costs

Transport costs will also make a significant part of your budget. You can choose to arrive in Croatia by plane then travel around the country by bus, train, or rent a car. There are lots of companies in Croatia that offer cheap rates for flights around the country.

However, the most affordable means of transportation in Croatia is by bus. There are lots of bus companies that offer competitive rates to their customers. For example, a one-way bus ticket from Split to Dubrovnik will cost anything between £15 and £18 per person.

Renting a car is by far the best way to travel around the country, but it is also the most expensive which may bring up your travel costs. During high season, you will pay approximately £65 to rent a mini car such as a Nissan Pixo and about £100 to rent a station wagon per day. However, car rental is much affordable in shoulder season and a station wagon can be rented for as little as £50 per day.

Fun Activities

Croatia has plenty to offer when it comes to fun activities. However, most of these activities won’t come cheap hence the need to include them in your travel budget. If you are on a tight budget, you should stick to sunbathing, swimming, walking, and cycling. Entrance fee for Plitvice Lakes National Park in July and August is usually £30 while a 15-minute panorama flight will cost £20 per person. River rafting is approximately £40 per person while sea kayaking is £37. If you love jet skiing, then you will pay £40 for 15 minutes.

Foods and Drinks

The restaurants in Croatia are somehow affordable compared to the British restaurants. The truth is that you can eat well in Croatia for as little as £3. There are lots of excellent restaurants that offer delicious local foods at a reasonable price. Light meals will cost you anything between £6 and £10. A light meal can include a plate of pasta, fried calamari, risotto, and alike.

The prices for drinks in the local bars will vary depending on the destination. Generally, the price of drinks is quite high in Hvar and Dubrovnik. The closer you are to a popular destination, the more expensive the price of drinks. Soft drinks will cost anything between £3 and £5 while a bottle of fine wine is about £50. There is also plenty of local beer that costs £3 while the imported beer goes for anything between £3 and £7.


We hope that this information will help you plan better for your upcoming holiday in Croatia. Although our list may not be exhaustive, we believe that you got a better idea of what to expect when visiting this beautiful country.

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