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How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Crete?

How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Crete?

Crete; the largest and most populated Island of Greece, is one of the most appealing tourist destinations for Britons.

Hailed as one of the cheapest European tourist destinations.

Crete has a lot to offer to British holidaymakers- if they are able to financially plan their trip properly.

So, how much should Brit carry to a holiday in Crete?

What is the average cost of a holiday in Crete, Greece?

Average cost of a holiday in Crete

The average daily cost per person of a holiday in Crete, Greece is £55.

This equates to about £360 per week per person, £700 per 2 weeks and an average of about £1,500 per month. If the holiday is taken by a British couple, then they are likely to spend about £700 per week and about £3,000 per month.

A family of 4-5, can also have an excellent time on the Island without necessarily breaking bank. A British family of 4 spends an average of £180 per day, £1,050 per week and about £4,500 per month.

The average costs quoted above can vary slightly depending on the level of luxury one is looking for, time of the year that one makes the trip, sort of accommodation one opts for and the number of activities that one engages in.

So, how does the average of a trip to Crete accumulate to about £1,500 per month per person?

What are the costs of the holiday essentials in Crete?

Here is a breakdown of the individual costs and tips on how to minimize on your expenditure;


Flights to Heraklion Airport in Crete from Gatwick London, average at about £120 one way. Return tickets average at about £200. This is subject to the class you fly in, time of the year and the airline that you opt

It is advisable to book your flights a month in advance. Book during the low tourist season between February and May because air tickets are cheapest at this time. You can also trawl the internet for airline deals. If you are lucky, you can score a return ticket for as low as £140.

Cost of Accommodation in Crete

From fancy beach hotels fringed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea to serene Airbnbs in the heart of Heraklion, there are accommodation options covering all luxury levels and budgets. On average, a 3 star hotel at the coast, will cost about £65 per night per person. A one bedroom Airbnb in the city of Chania will cost about £40 depending on the amenities available.

For people travelling alone and are looking for even cheaper accommodation options, then there are hostels offering breakfast and bed from as little as £15 per night. Choose the accommodation that suits both your holiday needs and your budget to ensure comfort during your holiday.

Food and drinks in Crete

All the cities of Crete have numerous diners, eateries, taverns, restaurants and even drive-through food marts which offer literally any kind of food you want. Be it a cheap £5 burgers in the streets of Heraklion, £45 full course meals in a fancy beachside restaurant to a £25 classic traditional Cretan cuisine in a Greek Tavern, there is food for every budget in Crete.

For those residing in Airbnbs and want to cook their own meals, then the local markets offer all the ingredients you need at affordable rates. From Cretan cheese, fresh vegetables, meat, grains to fresh fish from the sea, you can shop a week’s supply for as little as £50.

Transport within Crete

The transport system within Crete is well developed. From airports, well connected roads to ferries, getting around Crete for tourists is certainly not a problem. There are 2 major airports in Crete; Nikos Kazantzakis in Heraklion and Daskalogiannis airport in Chania. Flights between the two cities cost about £30 one way.

Airport taxis will cost about £15 to the city centre, an average of £25 to get around the city. You can also choose to rent a car for a day or a week. Car rentals begin at £200 per week and £30 per day. For those looking to move frequently, the public transport system is the best option.

There are 3 bus stations which connect the major attractions on the island and the average ticket price is about £5.

Cost of tickets to places of interest

Laden with natural wonders, mountainous terrain, a hint of antiquity beneath the beaming façade and sandy beaches, there is no shortage of attraction sites and tourist activities on the island. Outside the subtle city façade beaming with modernity, are a number of attractions and places of interest which appeal to more than 3 million Brits annually.

Places such as the Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre, Archaeological Ruins of Knossos, the Samaria Gorge, Turquoise waters of Balos Beach, Elafonisi Lagoon and Monastery and many others, attract millions worldwide. For all their beauty and enchanting serenity, most places of interest in Crete don’t cost a fortune.

A ticket to the Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre costs about £6 which is very affordable. Tourist trips to multiple attraction points cost about £40 per person per day while boat trips to explore marine life cost about £50 per 3 hours. The beaches are free to access to the public.

Cost of entertainment

Although Crete Island is a little reserved in terms of nightlife vibrancy, there is a good number of nightclubs and bars perfect for sundowners. Drinks are affordable and a night out for an adult will cost an average of £30.

There are other alternative sources of entertainment including music orchestras and concerts in city theatres. Tickets to such places will cost an average of £10.

Plan your finances in advance for a time of your life

If asked, we hope that you can conclusively answer the question of ‘How much money should I take on holiday to Crete?’ following our financial guide above.

Use our guide to make more informed financial decisions while on holiday in Crete Islands and have a time of your life in Greece.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£60 Per Day
Mid-range£190 Per Day
High-end£500 Per Day
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