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How much money should I take on holiday to Cape Verde?

How much money should I take on holiday to Cape Verde?

The key to having an enjoyable trip is adequate preparation. Sometimes, we get so excited about an upcoming trip that we forget to take the time to prepare for it.

If you want to leave your anxieties at home, there are several important things that you just can’t afford to ignore. Top on the list is ensuring that you carry enough money to last the entire trip.

You can have all your backpacks, cameras, snacks and everything else you think is important but if you don’t carry enough money, you are likely to have it rough during the trip.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Week (Per Person)
The Backpacker£230
The Tourist£400
The Spender£800
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A trip to Cape Verde from the United Kingdom takes around six hours. Accommodation is not really expensive there. You can find comfortable hotel accommodation for around £70/night. For meals at mid-range restaurants, £30 per person per day for meals could be enough.

Hiring a car and a driver will cost you somewhere around £65 per day. Of course, even if you are a couple, the cost of hiring a car and a driver, as well as accommodation, should remain the same. The only cost that will double is the cost of meals.

Assuming you are a couple going to Cape Verde for seven days, £1,085 is how much it could cost you, excluding the cost of flying to and from the UK.

Although this is a general estimate of how much a trip to Cape Verde should cost you, how much you end up spending entirely depends on your spending patterns.

Our spending habits are not the same. While some of us are frugal, there are people who don’t mind spending money if it means having a little more fun.

In order to have some room for manoeuvre, it is always advisable to carry extra cash even if you will not spend it all.

The last thing you want is to see something you like and not be able to buy it because you didn’t carry enough cash.

Here are some facts you should know about a trip to Cape Verde:

1.Getting around the towns and cities

If you prefer to use taxis, there is no shortage of them. Make sure you agree on the price beforehand. If you are going to use the bus service, you may have to shout out where you are going as you get on the bus.

There is also the option of using car rentals which is not only convenient but also not very expensive.

2.Heading to the city from the airport

The common means of getting to the city is by taxi. The drivers don’t mind taking you anywhere. Just remember to agree on the fee in advance. Car rentals are also available at the airport in case they are your preferred mode of transportation.

3.Best time to fly to Cape Verde

Many people who visit Cape Verde love it for its beach-worthy weather. There are a lot of activities that take place on shorelines. The shorelines are much more serene compared to the other tourist spots.

The best time to visit is usually the months of October and November or April and May as the weather is pleasantly sunny and dry during these months. You also have a chance to get some discounts as schools are still in session during these times.

Which is the best currency to use in Cape Verde?

The Cape Verdean Escudo is the local currency. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money when buying the local currency, it is advisable to go carry your money in euros.

There is a fixed rate of exchange between the euro and the CV Escudo which means you don’t have to worry too much about currency exchange fluctuations if you are carrying euros.

Payment methods

As far as credit and debit cards are concerned, a high number of shops, hotels and restaurants accept them. However, things can change from place to place which means that you need to always have some cash just in case.

Many places accept payments in euros. In fact, in most tourist spots, you are likely to have prices indicated in euros.

Here are some things you shouldn’t forget before you go to Cape Verde:

1.Travel insurance

A lot of things can go wrong when you are on a trip to a foreign country, including loss of personal items, medical emergencies and trip cancellations. To be on the save side, it’s good to ensure your trip with a policy that fits your budget and travel style.

2.Copies of vital documents

Hard copies of important documents can come handy in case you lose your belongings. Make sure you have these copies in your pockets and even in your hotel room. You can also email a copy to yourself as an extra precaution.

3.First aid kit

This is always something important to have while on a trip just in case. If you find yourself needing treatment and there is no way of getting to a hospital quickly, a first aid kit can make a huge difference. Having it with you gives you peace of mind.

4.Camera and enough memory

A camera is always among the first things that we pack when going on a trip. One thing you shouldn’t forget to have is an additional memory for your camera. The camera charger is also crucial as you might need to charge it from time to time.

5.Comfortable clothes

You don’t want to be moving around in a foreign country in tight clothes that make your blood circulation difficult. You also don’t need high heels. As long as you wear comfy shoes and breathable fabrics, you should be comfortable moving around.

6.Extra cash

This really should be the first item on your list. Having more than enough money makes it much easier for you to do random things and by some great items along the way. When you are on a tight budget, your movements are restricted and you can end up missing out on some great adventures.

In summary

Anyone who has been to Cape Verde will tell you that it is a great place to visit. There are so many fun activities that you can do, the people are amazingly warm and welcoming and there are many sights to behold. As long as you take the time to prepare well, you are in for a memorable trip.

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