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How much money should I take on holiday to Canary Islands?

How much money should I take on holiday to Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago made of seven main islands, the largest and most visited of all being Tenerife. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or a lively destination, there’s something for everyone if you choose to visit the Canary Islands.

The superb beaches and otherworldly landscapes have made the archipelago a popular summer destination. And while visiting the islands can be affordable, it is by no means a cheap place to travel to.

So, how much money should I take on holiday to Canary Islands?

We’d say an average £100 per day and about £800 for a 7-day holiday is something most travellers could live happily on.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£100 Per Day
Mid-range£200 Per Day
High-end£350 Per Day
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Nonetheless, if you plan on participating in boat tips and visiting more than just one or a couple of islands, bring some extra money because booking excursions can get pricey.

We’ll discuss daily expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and others so that you can get a better idea of how your final budget should look like.


Before we discuss prices, it’s important you know a little bit about the main islands. Most of the population living in the archipelago is located on the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, which are also the most well-developed destinations.

This is where you’ll find all types of accommodation, from hostels to luxury hotels. Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and La Palma are also totally equipped to host tourists. La Gomera and El Hierro, however, are smaller and more isolated islands with way fewer inhabitants.

If you enjoy spending time in nature and hiking through breathtaking landscapes, there are the right places for you, but your options in terms of accommodation (and all else) are limited.

The cheapest form of accommodation on the islands is the hostel. A bed in a hostel dorm can cost as little as £6 per night, but hostels are only found on the larger islands. Guest houses are also an affordable option for travelers, with prices starting £14 per night for a double room with shared bathroom.

Mid-range hotels cost no less than £30 per night for a double room, the average amount you’d pay for a room here is £50. Of course, there are also 5-star hotels on the bigger islands, but you’d spend at least £100 per night for a double room.


The cuisine of the Canary Islands is simple and traditional but incredibly flavorful. You’ll find excellent cheeses, desserts, and wines for every budget.

A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs about £8 per person, while a meal at a mid-range restaurant with drinks costs somewhere between £15 and £20 per person.

The local beer is very cheap here, around £1, and you should definitely try the wine. Overall, you will probably not spend more than £45 per day for your meals.

You don’t have to tip at restaurants but most people still leave about 5% or up to 10% of the bill.

If you’re staying at a guest house or somewhere you elsewhere you can use the kitchen, you can cook your own meals to save up money. Almost every ingredient you’ll need to cook your meals is around £1 per kg. Meat costs around £4 per kg.


Every island in the Canary Islands has its own inter-urban bus service. Even on the smaller islands, you can get to most locations using the public transport. However, in some cases, there are only a handful of runs each day.

The larger islands, however, have an impressive public transport system that covers the whole islands. Keep in mind, however, that there are fewer runs during the weekend, especially on Sunday. Ticket fares are usually less than £1.

We recommended renting a car in the more developed islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and La Palma to enjoy everything they have to offer. You can book a car for as little as £30 per day.

Fun Stuff to Do on the Islands

When it comes to sources of entertainment on the island, you will not fall short of things to do here. If you’re staying in Tenerife, you should definitely take the Teleferico Del Teide to the Teide Volcano, the highest point in all of Spain. The ride costs about £11 per person.

If you’re staying in Grand Canaria, take a buggy tour to see the island. You can even go off-road if you’re an adrenaline junkie. They’re not that hard to drive and you’re not required to own a driving license. A buggy tour costs about £80 per group. If that’s not really your thing, you can always go on camel rides for about £40 per person.

In Lanzarote, the Rancho Park is one of the most popular attractions for people with kids. You’ll get to enjoy a day at the water park and also see dolphins and Comono dragons. Admission is about £20 per adult but kids are offered a discount.

When in Fuerteventura, take out your surfboard and head towards the water! You can learn to surf or SUP for about £30 per person. Alternatively, put your boots on and climb the volcanoes.

In La Palma, you can take a day off other activities to visit the Aqualand Maspalomas. Enjoy the slides, swim, relax by the pool, and enjoy yourself. The entry ticket is about £25 per person, but you may get a discount if you come as a group.

La Gomera and El Hierro are the wildest of all main islands. Their dramatic landscape with rugged hills, sheer cliffs, and lava fields are a must for anyone who wants to see nature at its rawest. Put on your hiking boots and simply walk around these amazing islands.

Wrapping Up

The Canary Islands are often viewed as a whole but you should always take into account that each island has something else to offer, whether we’re talking food, scenery, or things to do. Although the prices generally do not vary too much, you should still expect some islands to be more expensive than others. Come prepared with at least £800 for a week of travel so you can fully enjoy your time here and take part in all these fun activities!

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