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How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Barcelona?

How Much Money Should I Take on Holiday to Barcelona?

Barcelona is a beautiful city. In 2016, up to 36 million visitors set foot in Barcelona. And that’s no surprise. Numbers have continued to swell, on account of great weather, amazing sceneries and a tantalizing culinary scene.

Whether you are looking to experience the city life or enjoy unforgettable beach life, Barcelona has it all.

However, due to growing tourist numbers and investor interests, a holiday in Barcelona will set you back a substantial amount of pounds. Still, with proper planning, you can have the time of your life while you’re there.

For daily costs, you are looking at about £70. That translates to about £500 for a modest holiday week. A 2-week holiday will cost you £1000.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£70 Per Day
Mid-range£180 Per Day
High-end£380 Per Day
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The best thing about Barcelona is that due to its high tourist numbers, it caters to a wide range of travellers, some of whom may have tighter budgets. For £500, a frugal traveller can have a perfect holiday.

This daily breakdown should help you come up with a detailed holiday plan:


Due to its popularity, you have a comfortable set of air travel options. You can expect to spend between £180 and £250 for a return ticket, flying Economy class. This amount should be separate from your spending money.


Investor interests have transformed the accommodation scene in Barcelona. The average cost of accommodation is £23 at a 2-star hotel. However, if you would like to explore the finer side of Barcelona accommodation, you can expect to part with at least £40 per night. 5-star stays will set you back as much as £300.

With £15, you can get comfortable student hostels. They’re not fancy, but they are well-maintained, and you might even get yourself a friendly local willing to show you around. The city is full of excellent places you can rent out for the night or even the entirety of your stay.

Private apartments right at the heart of Barcelona start at £80 a day. That means you minimise daily metro costs to the city.

Airbnb is perfectly legal, and locals have capitalised on this. There’s a vast range of excellent paces starting as low as £30.

The only downside of Barcelona is that with great weather (compared to the UK), comes a steady tourist scene. That means accommodation costs are almost the same all year round. Just make sure to make early arrangements to snag the best accommodation deals.

Food and Drinks

Barcelona has a diverse and colourful culinary scene. Street foods are safe, and you probably get fresh produce from the local markets in the city. A simple coffee and pastry breakfast will cost you £3. A cup of coffee alone averages at £1.50.

The locals have light meals in the morning, and most hotel rooms serve a continental breakfast whose cost is covered in the daily fee.

For snacking options, how about trying out the absolutely delicious £2 tortillas?

A casual lunch will cost about £10 a meal. However, you can enjoy street food as you check out the various sights in the city. Restaurants display their daily menu outside.

So, always look at these menus to get the best culinary experience. Meals are typically a first and second course served with a drink and dessert all included in the price.

A two-course dinner can cost as much as £40 if you want to go all out. Fortunately, drinking In Barcelona is fairly priced. A glass of good local wine will cost about £3. A can of beer costs £1 on the streets. Vendors of these beers operate illegally, though. The only downside is that the beer is often warm and if you look new, they inflate the price.

Getting Around

Before you even start travelling around the city, get yourself a T-10 card. This card enables you to ride the Metro. For £10, it’s shareable, as long as every trip gets a stamp. Other options include taxi-hailing services such as Uber and Cabify, considered the official taxi-hailing service in Barcelona.

The cheapest mode of travel around here is of course on foot. You can also choose to explore the city by bike at about £3 per day.

Late night buses, the N16 and N17 operate all day. These buses come in handy, especially if you need a ride to the airport.

On average, transportation around Barcelona will cost you £30 if you are a heavy commuter. If you want to cut these costs, budget travel is one of the best ways to shave off those daily expenses.


A 2-week holiday is enough to see most of the beautiful Barcelona sites. Some common areas such as parks are free to enter. However, with a guide, you can expect to pay about £25 to the local guides.

The Casa Batllo charges £22. Seeing the famous La Sagrada Família Cathedral, which houses a basement museum will set you back as much as £25 for a guided tour and £15 unguided.

Another popular spot is the Picasso Museum. Typically, a £10 entry fee applies, but on some days, they offer free evenings. Entry to Parc Guell is free, but there’s a £8 fee if you want front area access. This section is excellent for memorable photos. Most free festivals are held around June to September.

Aerial city tours cost £14 for a round-trip ticket on the Harbour cable car.

Budget tips

• Get a Barcelona card. With it, you get free unlimited public transportation, including to and from the airport, entry to some museums and discounts at some places.

• Since most of the hotels offer water with meals, you can choose to refill your bottle in cafes instead of spending £1 every time you need bottled water.

• The best deals from tour companies are around June, July, and August. However, this comes at the cost of dense crowds. September has some of the best local festivals, but beware of pickpockets streaming in from August.

• Drinks at nightclubs are quite pricey. If you want to catch a pint, go to the casual pubs instead.

• Get your currency converted to the Euro before you get to Barcelona. You cannot pay in pounds in the city.

• A local SIM card and 5GB internet bundle will cost you about £20.

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