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How Much Money Should I Take On a Holiday to Amsterdam?

How Much Money Should I Take On a Holiday to Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s top travel destinations. With its rich and colourful history, picturesque canals, friendly people, and a generally laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder millions of people hit the streets of this famous Dutch city each year.

If you’re asking the question, “How much money should I take on a holiday to Amsterdam?” then you’ve come to the right place.

The answer depends on your travel style – there are many ways to enjoy the city whether you’re a backpacker, a traveller with an average budget, or a luxury traveller.

For a budget traveller, 3 days in the city can cost you around €250, while it could cost you around €430 if you travel on a fairly average budget, and a whopping €750 could come out of your wallet if you opt to do the luxury route for your Amsterdam holiday.

Let’s break down the inclusions of such costs, which include accommodation, food, transportation, and tours to museums and attractions.


Amsterdam has plenty to offer in terms of accommodation. From backpacker hostels to mid-range hotels to luxury hotels – they have it all.

Hostels are favourites for backpackers and these offer the cheapest accommodation. They offer dorm rooms where you basically pay for a bed in a room shared with 4, 8 or maybe 12 other guests.

Bathrooms are mostly shared and a single common area serves as a TV room, kitchen, or Wifi area. The bigger the room, the cheaper the price. The average cost for a bed in hostels come at around €26 to €35.

For midrange hotels, average costs are at €200; and luxury hotels average at €450.

Another option, which has become popular is Airbnb, where tourists can rent from entire apartments, rooms, or inns with a varying price range.

Local Transportation

Getting around Amsterdam is best done on foot. But if you wish to get to your destinations faster, or if you want to explore outside of the city, there are buses, trains, and taxis available.

Taxis are pretty expensive in the city, which cost about €2.2 per kilometre.

A train or tram to get to Jordaan, which is a popular and picturesque neighbourhood outside the city centre, a ticket can cost you €7.50.


Although Amsterdam is not a foodie destination, it does boast of 12 Michelin star restaurants. If fine dining is not your cup of tea, then the city has plenty of choices for you, too. Although it might be noted that food in Amsterdam can cost twice or even triple that in Britain.

You can get a pretty decent breakfast at €5, which can include a croissant and coffee or juice from a coffee shop.

Most accommodation does offer free breakfast so it’s best you check with your hostel or hotel to see if they include it in their price.

For lunch, you can get a sandwich at a supermarket for €5, but if you want to eat out in a restaurant, it can cost you around €17.

For a proper dinner, it can cost you around €27 but other cheaper alternatives are also aplenty.

Museums and Attractions

It would be a shame to visit Amsterdam if you skip on the museums, so visiting one or two is definitely a must. Entrance fees to museums are easy on the pocket, such as €9 for the Anne Frank Museum and €15 for the Van Gogh Museum.

Another must-do that you mustn’t miss is a cruise along the canals of this famous city. There are thousands of pretty bridges all over the canals and they’re places where several events and happenings occur. A canal cruise can set you back €15.

One of the best ways to visit the top attractions and museums in the city is to get an I Amsterdam card, which already includes entrance fees to several museums such as the Anne Frank Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, the Rembrandt House, The Nemo Science Museum, and many more.

It also includes a canal cruise and covers all your public transportation to get to these attractions in the city centre.

One card costs €98 and saves you a lot of time from your itinerary as you won’t have to figure out where to go next as it’s already laid out for you.

Other Expenses

Shopping, of course, should also be on the agenda. There is no shortage of souvenir and gift shops in Amsterdam, where keychains, t-shirts, to tulip seeds are sold for you to take home.

Magnets can cost around €3-5, while a pair of Dutch wooden shoes can cost around €30.

It’s best to note that Amsterdam is not a cheap city to visit as prices for food and accommodation can double compared to British prices, but if you’re frugal, you can definitely enjoy a comfortable and fun holiday in the city on a budget.

If money is not an issue, then getting the most of your Amsterdam holiday will not be an issue.

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