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How Much Money for a Wedding Gift?

How Much Money for a Wedding Gift?

Buying the perfect wedding gift is never easy. A lot of sentiment goes into getting the ideal gift. For instance, it should symbolise how much that person means to you. But how do you put a price on a personal relationship?

Obviously, that is never easy. While making a poor gift choice can look pretty bad, showing up without a gift is unthinkable. So, how do you go about buying the right wedding gift?

How Much Money for a Wedding Gift?

Broadly speaking, how much to spend on a wedding gifts depends on a number of factors. Here are some guidelines on how you can decide how much you should spend on a wedding gift.

1. Know your expected spending limits

wedding cake

Spending a certain amount of money on a wedding gift might give the wrong impression about your character or sentiments towards the couple. Good etiquette dictates that you should not spend less than £50 on a wedding gift.

2. Consider the relationship you have with the couple

Attending a friend’s friend wedding is not the same as attending a close cousin’s wedding. And this can be reflected in the gift choice you make.

On average, many people spend about £100 on a wedding gift. If you are not very close to the couple, you can spend within this range. But if your relationship is a little more special, then you can spend twice as much or even more. Obviously, your financial capabilities should factor into how much you spend on a wedding gift.

3. How many people you have brought to the wedding

The wedding gift costs discussed so far only relate to people attending weddings on their own. But if you are bringing a date or a friend or two, then you have to rethink how much you spend on a gift.wedding boxes

Essentially, you should increase the amount of money you spend on a gift by 50% for every additional guest you bring.

4. The wedding destination

If the wedding couple having the wedding has made you and other guests fly to some tropical paradise and spend on hotels and and other things, then you might not be obliged to spend on a gift. Obviously, the hustles of such a wedding can be a huge investment on your part, which is something the couple should appreciate.

But you can always do something extra and get them a gift. And you don’t have to do it immediately either – you can buy the gift up to one year after the wedding while the event is still fresh in their memories. In this regard, general rules about wedding gift costs apply.

5. Your budget restrictions

At the end of the day, you should buy a gift you can afford. So, if you are going through some financial problems, you should not spend to the extent of ending up in a financial distress. Any couple that understands your situation would understand the effort you have made despite the challenges.

That said, if you are relatively well-off, know that more might be expected of you when it comes to buying a wedding gift, especially when you are very close to the couple. Otherwise, there is no shame in giving the gift you can afford. Do not get into debt just to give the newly-weds a gift.

6. Consider the amount of money the couple has spent per head

Your presence at someone’s wedding comes at a cost. Therefore, since you are there to offer support, you should make a point of at least covering the cost of being there.

Therefore, if the couple is spending about £150 per person, then the wedding gift cost should be within this range. This is also the reason you should have the courtesy of spending more on a gift if you invite someone else to the wedding.


wedding tableEven though your presence at a friend or loved-one’s wedding is a memorable enough gift, you should be a little more considerate when shopping for the gift to give the marrying couple.

Basically, you should not spend too little (less than £50).

Additionally, you should also take into consideration the wedding destination, the relationship you have with the couple, and even how many people you have brought with you to the wedding among other factors as you shop for a wedding gift.

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