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How Much Money Does PewDiePie Make?

How Much Money Does PewDiePie Make?

Newspapers and online pundits have been trying to figure out exactly how much PewDiePie earns, ever since his channel got its first 1 million subscribers, way back in 2011.

Every year they publish their estimates with the caveat that the numbers are based off educated guesses, and every year the clamour for more information rises.

Who is PewDiePie?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the man behind that famous username, has been deliberately tight-lipped about his income. He’s publicly stated that he dislikes discussing those numbers and would prefer it if the media focused on money he donates to charities instead.

gamingBut the interest is inevitable. Whether you are a wide-eyed new YouTuber trying to find out how big someone can grow on this platform, or an average Joe shocked by the success of the 28-year-old gamer, PewDiewPie’s annual income can help you understand where he stands amongst the rich and influential of the world outside YouTube.

Before getting into actual numbers, it’s important to understand how Felix earns his money. He has three main sources of income:

1. Ad revenues from his monetised videos

2. Sponsorship revenue from the brands he promotes

3. Merchandise, like his tee-shirts, chairs, and headphones

Over the years, Felix has also joined other ventures to maximise his earning potential, like the YouTube Red series ‘Scare PewDiePie’ but the above three have been his most consistent earners.

While we have no way of knowing exactly how much he rakes in from sponsorship and merchandise sale, we can make a decent estimate of his income from the ads playing on his video.

Money from A Single Video’s Views

In the first two years of his YouTube career, PewDiePiewas earning £5-£7 per 1,000 views. The value of these views have fallen somewhat today and a lot depends on how much the subscribers of the YouTuber engages with their content.

Do they watch the full video?

Do they watch other videos from his channel, thereby staying on YouTube longer?

The channel’s algorithm also takes location and demographic into account, since most of YouTube’s current advertisers ask for very specific information about a subscriber base before putting their ad on any video.

Right now, those in the know estimate that for every 1,000 views, Felix likely brings in £1-£4.youtube

And since each of his videos get an average of 3 to 4 million views inside a day, we can accurately guess that PewDiePie earns a minimum of £7,000 within 24 hours of an upload going live.

Monthly Views

Another way of looking at his income is to examine his monthly views. According to Social Blade, PewDiePie attracted 278 million views in just the last 30 days. So, for the month of August we can say that Felix Kjellberg earned a minimum of £650,000.

If we multiply this number by 12, we get his income for this year, which comes to $10 million.

And this is just from the revenue he gets from Google for letting ads run against his videos. It’s indisputable that his net income is considerably larger when you add in his merchandise sale and the money he gets from sponsors.

Despite numerous scandals over the years, Felix is a powerful influencer in the market and commands top rates for promoting brands through sponsorship deals.

Most Subscribers in the World

millionRight now, PewDiePie has 64.7 million subscribers (one of the highest on the platform) and 18.4 billion total views. Even without YouTube’s ad revenues, Felix would still be a millionaire.

As things stand, because of his shock-jock variety of humour, PewDiePie often gets in trouble with mainstream media which occasionally causes his income to take a hit. For instance, in 2017, after paying a couple of sellers on Fiverr.com to publish anti-semetic slogans on the net, PewDiePie lost 2 million subscribers because of the resulting outrage.

However, no amount of criticism from the people outside his community of fans can bring this Swedish gamer down for long.


In 2016, Times listed Felix as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. This is in no small part due to his massive following and how well Felix has been able to monetise his popularity. But it’s also due to Felix’s ability to branch off from his main gaming videos into more vlog style content.

It’s been eight years since this gamer introduced the world to his unique brand of humour and commentary, and the magic of PewDiePie doesn’t look like its anywhere close to wearing off.

To conclude, PewDiePie’s net worth as of 2018 is estimated around £40 million.