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How Much Money Does KSI Make?

How Much Money Does KSI Make?

Who Is KSI?

KSI is an alias for one Olajibe Olatunji, a well-known YouTube gamer who has amassed the vast amount of wealth from online video gaming and Vlogging, a term associated with the frequent usage of YouTube to either create content that connects with many who sign up for frequent follow-up, often known as subscribing. Olajibe is initially Nigerian but his content is usually consumed by persons living in America and most European based settlers.

Through subscriptions, KSI is able to command a following of persons who watch his contents on his channel. Hereby viewing ads on the attached videos and this earns him revenues.

How much money does KSI make?

As of Forbes estimation, KSI is worth an estimated £9.2 million.

He started out in the year 2009, where his channel has an estimated viewer membership of around 7,000 subscribers. Currently, he has an estimated 18,000,000 persons subscribed to his channel.ksi

KSI produces content ranging from funny videos to playing EA Sports FIFA and records himself throughout the sessions where he captures his reactions in funny ways, this keeps his audience coming back again and again, as YouTube adopts this numbers and translates it to traffic capable of viewing advertisements, hereby earning KI his general revenue.

Views for Clicks

KSI is able to get an average of about 5 to 6 million views per day from all the videos he has uploaded on YouTube, this; loosely translates to around £7,800 per day across all the platforms.

Besides his main channel, he has another channel that he solely focuses on creating interesting content associated with football and all other FIFA related gimmicks. Here he is able to create a series of viewership as many people keep up with FIFA related episodes as the sport is the most watched and falls favourite to the young people who actually form the majority of the viewership community.

Money for Clicks

YouTube pays the content creators an average of £2.33 per 1000 monetised views. As YouTube policies vary not all views are payable, a certain criterion exists as certain videos must meet a certain threshold before being able to be monetised. KSI has other means of earning an extra income through his adoption of other contemporary means of content creation.

Music, Books, Movies, and More


He makes music part-time, this he creates videos for his music, and uploads on his channel, this gets many viewing his contents and end up earning him revenue in huge amounts. His music is played across many other platforms and this earns him an extra coin that adds to his vast empire of money making schemes.

Apart from music KSI has explored other avenues including becoming a Hollywood actor and has featured in the movie ‘Laid’ which has received positive compliments from critics who view it as one of the best modern-day series. This has seen him earn a lot.

He has also added to his vast income sources through writing bestselling novels, and co-authoring in articles, journals, and also writing his own books which is mostly received positively by critics and his huge market of followers and book lovers who claim they find his work insightful and educative. Amongst the books he has written include ‘I am A Bellend’, ‘Sidemen’ among many others.


KSI being a now household name has been able to land on a lot of sponsorship deals from huge corporations and corporate allied organisation, that have given him endorsements, and other incentives to help them market their brands and be able to increase the consumption rate of such products.

KSI modes of earning money are inspirational to many as he has practically proven to many that wealth creation is a matter of strategy and identifying niches in the market and filling the gaps that exist in the market by creating content that will help solve a particular need.


This has proven inspirational and educative to many who viewed him as an iconic figure and especially being of African descent has been able to prove that the market area is not segregate but rather inclusive for all that decide to venture into the trade.youtube

He has also served as an inspiration to many youths across the world that opportunities for money making exist online and the youth can reduce a load of unemployment by being creative and able to adapt to the quickly changing and ever dynamic market of technological advancements.


KSI is a perfect emblem of opportunity and struggle that eventually pay off after a long period of struggle and strategic positioning only if one is able to grab the opportunity and click with the chances that these opportunities have to offer. Through positive implementation, one is able to reach greater heights that would have initially sounded impossible,