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How Much Money Does it Take to Make a Website?

How Much Money Does it Take to Make a Website?

The cost of making a website boils down to four things; time, design skills, technical knowledge, and your money. These are resources that you will require to execute your website project. Before you set aside money to make a website, here is what you should know about the costs.

We requested quotes from 20 different UK design companies. Here are the average costs calculated by our team:

Website creation costs

Type of siteLow-end Mid-rangeHigh-end
Personal/business blog£20£200£800
Small business£200£750£1,500
Large business£2,000£4,000£10,000

Type of Website

Ask yourself what kind of website you want. Is it a small business website, a simple website built using a free web builder, or an e-commerce store?

A simple website built using drag and drop website builders will costs you a few pounds. Most likely, you will just pay for the hosting account and you will get a free website builder as an incentive.

If you want a feature-rich website, you will need to hire a professional web developer to build one from the ground up. Most of them will ask you to share your design or mock-ups that include specifications and features that you want.

A small business website that has a few pages can go for as low as £150 to £500.

That’s just for the design and set-up. Add to that £5 to £50 as ongoing monthly costs on top of the design cost. You’re most likely going to spend upwards of £600 until your website project is done.

To get the best value, compare what freelancers and local web development agencies charge. Take advantage of web design deals and offers to kick start your project.

If you need a website that performs specific functions, you will have to get a skilled developer to create a website with bespoke functionality. These websites require more effort and take longer to build, test, and deploy.

Because of their complexity, it is advisable that you enter into an ongoing arrangement with the developer who will take care of maintenance and updates. A bespoke website will set you back £2,000 – 5,000.

E-commerce websites are the most expensive to build. Unlike standard business websites, they come with enhanced features that let customer place orders, pay for them, track order, and interact with support staff.

The cost of building one will depend on the number of features, pages, and products for sale. If you intend to build an e-commerce website using an open-source platform like Magento or Prestashop, set aside at least £10,00 for the design.

Experienced developers from Western Europe and North America will demand no less than £3,000 for a custom e-commerce website. For hourly projects, we’re talking about £50 or thereabouts. You can slash the total money to make a website by hiring good freelance developers from Eastern Europe.

Domain Registration and Website Hosting

If you want to create a website, you will need to register a domain name. That’s basically where customers will go in their browsers to find your website. You can register a new domain name for as low as £0.99 for the first time. Additional years and renewal will cost you around £13.

Apart from the domain name, your website needs a home; which most people commonly refer to as a hosting account. That is where all the website files are hosted. If you have a small website, you can sign up for a shared hosting plan as it is cheap and convenient. The basic monthly plan costs between £3 to £5. That’s just for first time registration. Renewal plans cost between £8 to £10 per month.

If you want to build a traffic-heavy site or an enterprise-level website, you will need a dedicated hosting account. This type of account gives you more bandwidth and storage space that will handle traffic spikes. Typical plans on Godaddy and Bluehost are in the range of £110 to £260 per month.

Content Creation

Your website also needs content, basically, the text and images that you will publish on your web pages. Copywriters in the UK charge between £20-50 per hour though you will find some who accept fixed budget projects. For a 5-7 page website, that will cost you £350-600. So you have to budget for this as well when you set aside money to make a website.

The bottom line

Overall, the cost of making a website is around £1,000.

That’s just on the lower end for an average website. When setting aside funds, factor in the complexity of the website, key features, content development, and the type of hosting account. All these will determine the final cost of your website.

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