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How Much Money Do You Make on YouTube?

How Much Money Do You Make on YouTube?


Years ago, making money on YouTube would be unheard but many people are now actually making an actual living from posting content on the popular video site. While many people started out simply because they liked making videos, many are now starting to see the earning capabilities from this website.

Let’s discuss this in further detail including some interesting top YouTuber earnings, how much you might expect to make and how it all actually works.

How can you make money on YouTube?

Money can actually be made on YouTube in a number of different ways. The first way is through adverts.

Yes those annoying adverts you see before you watch a YouTube video are there for a reason. If your videos regularly get more than 1000 views, you can monetise them which basically means put adverts on them, earning money from viewers who click on these ads. The advertisers will basically pay YouTube in order to be featured before the videos of popular YouTubers, who will then in turn, pay you a percentage of that.

The ad system on YouTube is actually managed by a company called AdSense and it is estimated that the actual YouTuber will get around 55% of what is paid to YouTube.youtube

You should get around £3.90 for every 1000 people that view every single video on your channel. This might not sound like a lot but consider the fact that you could have several videos with over a million views each.

Another way that you can make money on YouTube is through sponsorship. If you are seen as an influencer, companies might approach you with sponsorship deals so that you can promote their products or services.

The industry usually can pay anywhere from £310-£930 depending on the size of your channel, the company in question and some other criteria including what you actually produce.

It’s possible to make more money this way if you have a smaller channel but still one with a loyal following and a definite “theme”. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with brands that you feel you could work well with, the worst they could say is no and it could be the start of something wonderful on your YouTube career.

What are the earning statistics?

There is no question that the BIG YouTubers make a lot of money, thousands for just one video is not out of the question and some people are really living lavish lifestyles after becoming YouTube stars. It is all well you good talking about YouTuber earnings, but this is going to be different for every single person out there. It’s good to have your sights set high of course but what is the earning potential for your “average” individual?

Taking into account Adsense and possible sponsorship deals, you could potentially make £774 a month if you had around 10,000 subscribers plus several fairly popular videos on your channel.

This figure could be increased even more if you put in extra effort and manage to bag yourself more sponsorship deals.

youtube vidNow let’s consider PewDiePie, one of the biggest YouTube creators of all time. As of 2013, he made approximately $4million and there is no doubt that number has increased year by year.

Although exact figures are not known, he’s definitely made enough to live comfortably for the rest of his life with no worries.

Read more about exactly how much PewDiePie’s net worth is in our article here.

To make fairly decent money from YouTube, you need at least 10,000 subscribers but a lot more if you want to live off the income full time. While subscribers matter, views matter even more so you need to ensure that you are putting in the hard work that is required to be successful in this field which is becoming even more competitive.


Making money from YouTube definitely doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, commitment and a whole lot of effort to make cold hard cash from your videos. Check out YouTubers who inspire you and you can start to mimic your work off them, of course, while still having your unique style.yt

Become a YouTuber is a job just like any and you need to be consistent with it. While it does have many perks including the freedom for work for home, consider the pros and cons before you decide if this is the type of job for you.