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How Much Money Can You Get For Donating Sperm?

How Much Money Can You Get For Donating Sperm?

Sperm donation is a program that has been there for generations, many people have benefited from the program, and a lot of families have grown through the same. As simple as it sounds, people have a misconception that donating sperms is an easy task and that it is a way of getting easy money. Well, yes it might be. But the problem is getting accepted to be a donor.

Reasons why people donate sperm

moneyDifferent men have different reasons as to why they would want to donate sperm. Some have simple reasons like wanting to make quick extra bucks, while others may have personal reasons, a connection with the process that makes them want to give back, to help someone raise a child and put a smile on their face.

Donated sperm goes a long way in serving its purpose; let me take you through some of the reason why someone out there needs your sperm.

  1. Infertility

It is one of the initial reasons why people started donating sperms. A male spouse may lack the ability to produce a viable sperm required for fertilisation, this will make them seek a doctor’s intervention, and if the man is sterile, their best bet of getting a baby will accept a donated sperm from the sperm bank.

     2. Genetic disorder

If there is a risk of genetic disorder when the two partners create a baby, donated sperm may come in handy. This will enable the couple to have a healthy child free from any risk.

    3. Single women

Some women may decide to have a child without a partner due to their valid reasons. This may trigger them to seek a sperm donor.

    4. The LGBT community

Some couples in the LGBT community may want to have a baby, but they are unable to create on their own. The donated sperm will be used to help them get one.

As mentioned before, as much as it seems a way of getting quick, easy money, it is also very difficult to be accepted as a donor. Individuals undergo a very extensive medical checkup that tends to scare some of the people willing to donate. These checkups are designed so that they provide surety that the sperm produced will be useful.


The most basic requirements for being a viable sperm donor include;

1. You should be at least with a height between 5feet 7inches and 5feet 10inches; many sperm banks prefer specifically 5feet 9inches. If you are short, you do not have a shot of being accepted.

2. You must have the age of at least 18 years and at most 40 years if you want to be a sperm donor. This is the bracket that is considered appropriate by the donation clinics.

3. You should not be a smoker, and you should be a heavy drinker.

4. Donors with no genetic diseases are not allowed to donate sperm as this might be passed down to the baby.

5. Most clinics prefer donors with a college degree, but if you lack one, you should be pursuing the same.

6. Adopted men are not allowed to donate; exceptions are only made to the ones who have complete information of the family history.

7. The family history should be clean with no history of mental illness as this might trickle down to the baby.

These requirements vary in many countries; you are then required to be conversant with the requirements or your country.

How to be a donor

But before you even submit the application you should ask yourself if you are ready to be a father, the high chances are that you will never meet the baby, but you have to prepare yourself emotionally. You may then proceed to submit an application in which some of the above information will be required.sperm

You will then wait for the approval of your application after which you will be called so that the doctors can verify the information.

You will then undergo extensive medical analysis to determine if you can become a sperm donor. This might take a couple of months.

How much you will be paid

The moment that you are approved as a potential sperm donor, you will be required to donate weekly. Most donation clinics pay between £78 and £93 per week, If you start donating sperms at 18 years old, you would have gathered enough money by the time you are 40. For a committed sperm donor, this would be a sure way of getting money, so yes, it pays.

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