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How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Peru?

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Peru?

Peru is a perfect country for holidaymakers and adventurers. It is endowed with lots of unique features that can make your holiday memorable. Whether you are planning to go on a normal 2-week holiday or a month-long vacation, you will not regret the decision that you made to visit this South American country.

When it comes to making arrangements for such a trip, the first thing that you should think of is the finances. How much do you need to travel to Peru for a holiday?

The average daily expenditure that you will spend on your holiday in Peru is £50. The cost of staying here for a week will be £400. Since a typical holiday usually lasts for two weeks, you should have a minimum of £800.

Holiday ClassEstimated Amount Needed Per Day (Per Person)
Budget£50 Per Day
Mid-range£160 Per Day
High-end£430 Per Day
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This cost excludes the inbound trip to Peru as we are only looking at what you will spend while in the country.

The daily cost (£50) covers for basic holiday expenditures such as food, accommodation, admission fees, commuting and miscellaneous expenses. This sounds too much general, right?

Do not despair. Read on as we give you a breakdown of how much you will be spending on goods.

The cost of accommodation in Peru

As a tourist, a huge chunk of the expenses will go towards housing. The good news is that there is a broad range of accommodation options that can befit your financial status. If you are a budget traveller, you can easily check in into a budget hotel or a hostel. There are also luxury hotels for high-end travellers.

Some of the ideal accommodation options that you can use while on your holiday in Peru include hostels, budget hotels, guesthouses, midrange hotels, top range hotels, jungle lodges, homestays, and eco-lodges. Camping may also be an option for the extreme adventurers.

The cost of accommodation for tourists in Peru ranges between £20 and £40 per night. It varies depending on the location of the facility and the amenities available. You will get a plethora of luxury amenities at the top end hotels.

You can use the internet to research more about the different hotels before booking to find out what other visitors are saying about it. If it is full of praises, consider booking it. For convenience, book accommodation facilities that are near the tourist attraction sites.

The cost of eating in Peru

How much should you keep aside for food in Peru? Food will automatically become a daily expense during your visit to Peru. The cost of meals depends on the type and location of the establishment. If you are a budget traveller, you should stay away from tourist eateries as they will leave a considerable dent in your pocket.

The average cost of food in Peru is £18 per day. With this amount, you can enjoy the traditional Peruvian foods at local eateries. There are also numerous Chinese restaurants that sell food at affordable prices.

Some tourist attraction sites in Peru are deep in the jungles, meaning that you will have to count out the high-end hotels. When in jungle-dominated regions such as Tingo Maria and Tarapoto, you can munch some Peruvian foods in the street grills. International food chains such as KFC and Domino’s Pizza are also located in major cities.

Do not attempt to drink water from anywhere in Peru. Water in most parts of the country is brown and highly contaminated. Instead, buy bottled water. The cost of bottled water that can last you for a whole day is £4. When ordering for one, always specify whether you want carbonated or non-carbonated water.

If you are a beer lover, you will be spending an average of £8 per day for drinks.

The cost of commuting in Peru

The average cost of travelling between different cities in Peru is £35 per day. This cost varies depending on the means of transport that you use, distance covered and the frequency of commuting.

If you want to travel between two major cities, you may opt for flights though they are quite expensive. You can also use buses for short and long-distance commuting. Travelling by buses shouldn’t be hectic unless it is on holidays. If you want to explore Lima, you can use the Metro Lima. Tours and treks come in handy when you want to explore the lush green Peruvian jungles.

Entry Fees in Peru

How much do you need to gain access into Peru’s best tourist sites?

In some places, you will be required to remit some entrance fees while in others you can gain free entry. The average amount that you should set aside as entry fees into most tourist sites should not exceed £70 per site. Before you visit a site, try to gather some information on the average amount of money that you will need.

Other Expenses

While planning for your finances, you also need to consider other minor and unexpected expenses. For instance, you may need to visit entertainment joints or attend music concerts. The average cost of entertainment here is £30. Tips and handouts can cost you up to £5.

The miscellaneous funds will always help you to get out of the unexpected situation. You might also get fascinated by the local Peruvian products and end up buying them.

Final tips

While in the markets, you should consider putting your haggling skills into practice. This is because most the goods don’t come at fixed prices. However, you should be keen enough to check on the quality of items that you are buying.

Another way of avoiding extra expenses is by carrying warm clothing. Peru has dynamic weather and you should always be ready for the changes. Bringing the right clothing will save you from incurring extra expenses when the climate changes.

Most tourist attractions in Peru are located in high-altitude regions such as Machu Pichu. Eating well and drinking plenty of water can help you to survive in such places. You don’t have to worry about the hygienic products as they can be found anywhere in the country.

One way of ensuring that you enjoy your time in Peru is by choosing the right time to visit. Avoid holiday seasons as you will be forced to deal with huge crowds in most places, and the cost of most services tends to be high.

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