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A payday loan, which is sometimes called a payday advance, cash advance or fast cash advance is a special kind of small loan (usually between £50 and £1,000) that anyone can get at short notice. Payday loans are excellent options for individuals who need emergency cash to tide them through unforeseen circumstances, at least until they get to their next payday. Repayment time for payday loans is very short (just until the next payday) and so they often have relatively high APR.

Payday loans offer options for borrowers with bad credit scores and are very speedy to process. Payday lenders like do not perform credit checks on borrowers before approving their loan application, so you do not need to worry if your credit score is not high enough for a personal loan at any of the major credit facilities or banks. You can always apply for a payday loan at and not have to worry about your emergency any longer. Applying for a payday loan with gets you processed and cash in hand in mere hours. The maximum amount of time you have to spend waiting for approval on a payday loan application is 72 hours and with that time is cut by more than half. If you need to settle an unexpected bill and cannot wait till your next paycheck, a payday loan from is always on hand to save the day.
Borrowing payday loans are dependent on the salary earned by the borrower. This mandates the borrower to be (over eighteen years of age) working, in possession of a checking account and earning a salary. This is a huge benefit for many borrowers as a payday loan will not allow you to borrow more than you can comfortably pay back. offers many different options of payday loans that can help you take care of whatever problems you are facing and still have some left over to tide you till your next paycheck, and what’s more, our APR is very affordable at 305%. Fast loans are our speciality at After processing your loan, we give you an option to have the money in cash or have it transferred to your account. Many of our clients enjoy the latter option because it is very convenient for them.
You can also apply for a loan with online. So, you do not have to get out of your house and walk that long distance to the train station and then to the bank, just to apply for a loan. With, you can apply for your payday loans right from the comfort of your living room. Our 24-hour service is available for borrowers looking to apply online.
Overview of Payday loans
Payday loans are often known as cash advance loans, salary loans or even small dollar loans (when they occur in the Unites States) because they are small, unsecured, short-term loans which are taken out based on the salary of the borrower. A payday loan requires a borrower to produce their employment and payroll records to determine their ability to pay back as well as to schedule the term of the loan repayment.
Prevalence of payday loans in the UK
In the United Kingdom, Payday loans are supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and in the United States by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, the payday loan industry is worth up to £2.2 billion (circa 2012), with over 1. 2 million people taking out a total of 4.1 million loans in one year. That figure is expected to have increased exponentially by now.
Regulations governing payday loans in the UK
Since April of 2014, the United Kingdom government has set in place strict regulations and rules to govern the operations of payday lenders and borrowers. This came as a result of several mismanagements and irregularities on the part of some payday lenders such as and Cash Genie, as well as the actions of some defaulting borrowers. These regulations serve to, protect not only the borrowers, but the lending companies as well, and they include:
    • The necessity for firms to only lend to borrowers who have shown an ability to afford the loan. This is why, as part of the loan application process, will ask borrowers to provide evidence of their employment and payroll records to determine if they are capable of repaying the loans.
    • To increase borrower’s awareness of the cost and risk of borrowing unaffordably and providing ways to help them out of financial difficulties. This is why is always on hand to provide borrowers with up to date information on the dos and don’ts, as well as all pros and cons of taking out a payday loan so as to ensure the borrower does it with the complete presence of mind and knowledge of the ramifications. Also, also provides borrowers with information on tools to leverage on if in financial difficulties so as to avoid debt.
Can you find payday loans in other countries asides from the UK?
The United Kingdom is not the only country where you can find payday loans. Because payday loans are so popular, a lot of countries around the world have adopted it as a suitable means of quick loans for income earners in the economy. Payday loans can be found in United States, Australia, Canada and even third world countries like Nigeria. Payday loans around the world are referred to in different ways and have different legislations governing them, but they are all fast loans for people who need their cash quickly. Payday loans are sometimes known as cash loans.
Regulations on payday loans
When taking out a payday loan, it is important to note the regulations governing the payday loan in your country of residence. Payday loans in the United Kingdom are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, in Australia Parliament regulates payday loans with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act of 2009 as well as the Consumer Credit and Corporations Legislation Amendment (Enhancements) Act of 2012 which consider payday loans as a form of small amount credit contract (SACC) or medium amount credit contract (MACC), in Canada payday loans are regulated under the Bill C28, in Nigeria the Securities and Exchange Commission regulates payday loans, and in the United States, they are regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) with the help of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Trade Commission.
Review of (APR – 305%)
In some of these countries and regions, various caps and limits are set to the interest rates that can be demanded by the payday lenders, however, at in the United Kingdom, we offer a very beneficial 305% APR. Sign up with us today for a deal you will never regret.
How to know you are eligible for a payday loan
Payday loans are some of the most accessible loans any individual can take. A payday loan offers options for young or older people in financial emergencies to take a loan limited only by the amount of their next paycheck, which they will pay on the next payday. The only requirements for eligibility are:
    • The borrower must be over 18 years of age
    • The borrower must be working at a regular job and earning a salary
    • The borrower must possess a checking account
NOTE: If you possess all of these things, then you are eligible for a payday loan. Payday loans are not limited by the credit score or rating of the loan applicant. offers 305% APR on payday loans.
How to access payday loans (traditional and online)
Payday loans atypically follow a general process, whether they are accessed in the traditional model where a customer or borrower approached a brick and mortar store, or in the more modern and popular model where the borrower can simply apply on the internet. The basic process involves a payday lender providing adequate funds for a borrower which is aimed to be repaid before the next payday of the borrower. Usually what happens is, the borrower logs on or walks into a payday store and asks for a loan. The borrower is then asked to provide verification of their employment or income (this is usually done with the use of ID cards and bank statements). The purpose of this verification is to identify if the borrower is indeed a staff of the stated establishment and a salary earner of the figure/amount claimed. The payday lender will then perform a check to confirm these details after which the loan may be granted.
At, our process is just as simple, and our complete assurance is that within an hour of our approval of your loan application, you can be walking away from the store with your cash in hand.
When a borrower has met all the criteria, and the loan has been approved, the borrower will then sign a post-dated cheque to the lender based on the loan agreement. This post-dated cheque will grant the lender the loan sum as well as interest and fees. The post-dated cheque is only used as a last-ditch effort. According to the loan agreement, the borrower will return to the store by the maturation date of the loan (usually by the next payday) to repay the loan; it is upon failing to do that that the payday lending company will have no choice but to cash in the post-dated cheque.
Things to note:
    • The post-dated cheque required as part of the payday loan process requires that a borrower not only has a paying job but that the borrower possesses a checking account with that job.
    • Borrowers were trying to abscond with the lending facilities money will only incur more fees if after the maturity date the post-dated cheque bounces at the bank. This fees will include increased interest rate, punitive charges, as well as a bounced cheque fee from the bank
    • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for is rated at 305% which is a favourable interest rate based on the amount granted, short-term service of the loan, as well as the potential bad credit of the borrower.
How convenient are payday loans at
Unlike most credit types and even some payday loan facilities, offers the opportunity to borrowers to access loans from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to meet the requirements of the loan which include:
    • Possession of a checking account
    • Being a salary earner
    • Being assured of salary at the next payday
    • Able to repay the loan being requested
You can apply online at, and if you meet all criteria, you can have the sum sent to you within hours of application and approval. makes it more convenient for you by providing access to upload whatever documentation you need to send across, online, as well as enabling direct transfer of funds to your account and direct deduction of repayment fees from your account. This way, you do not even have to step into our brick and mortar offices if you do not want to, you can simply do everything from the comfort of your home, at any time or day and have access to the cash you need.
Benefits of payday loans
Payday loans are one of the most popular loan types in the UK, and the reasons are self-evident: people love them. There are many benefits to payday loans, especially payday loans gotten from, that it is no surprise people will always choose them as the first loan option.
Fast Cash
Payday loans are an excellent source of fast cash any day or time. If you are ever in a financial emergency, such as with a broken down vehicle and you have a delivery you need to make soon, a sudden rent increase you cannot meet up with before your paycheck comes in, a payday loan is an instant resolution to that problem.
Unlike most other credit types where there is a line to wait in (at the bank), a period of waiting while the credit card company does a background check on your credit rating to determine if you are worthy of the loan, etc. with a payday loan, all you need to do is walk into any payday lending store or visit an online store like and you can apply from the comfort of your home. Usually, within hours, you can have your money transferred to your account or if you choose, have it in your hand in cash.
You can spend immediately
With many types of credit types, especially with credit cards, the amount of the loan you take is not readily available to you from the get go. With a payday loan that is not the case. You will get all the cash you are borrowing immediately to do what you will with it as soon as you like. A credit card company may offer you a certain limit to your card, but will only allow you a much smaller limit to withdraw at the beginning. With a payday loan, the money is yours to do with as you will.
It is a bad credit loan
Bad credit loans are loans that are offered to people with bad credit or terrible credit scores. The payday loan is one of such loans. You do not need to worry about your credit score or rating when applying for a payday loan because payday lenders like do not even bother to check your credit rating. Your eligibility for gaining access to a payday loan is not dependent on your credit score.
This, however, does not mean that payday lenders do not carry out any background check. They do, but this is only to determine if you really can pay back the loan you are asking for. Background checks for payday loans are easy to qualify for if you have been telling the truth on your form and you have a job that pays you the amount you stated. Unlike with most of the other credit facilities, your credit score is not a major determinant, and payday lenders perform a very speedy approval check which is a huge plus when you need the cash fast for an emergency.
You can even improve your credit rating
This is one of the more popular reasons why people take out payday loans. Not only can a payday loan give you access to enough money to take care of your major issues within the month, till your next paycheck, it also affords you an opportunity to improve your credit rating. If you take out a payday loan and keep religiously to the repayments, you have the opportunity to improve your credit rating by showing to credit bodies that you are able and capable of paying back loans you are given. Also, by gaining access to instant cash to finance your major obligations, you improve your financial history and avoid massive debt.
Payday loans are unsecured loans
Unsecured loans are a credit type where the borrower does not need to set any item or asset as a guaranty against the loan they are taking out. Payday loans do not require the borrower to deposit any amount or any asset with the lender before they are granted access to the loan.
Payday loans are also really flexible
Payday loans are good for emergencies, but there is no restriction on what you use your payday loan for. Unlike the home improvement loan or a mortgage where you have to spend the loan on your house or vehicle, with a payday loan you are given absolute flexibility to use your money however you will. There are no restrictions on how you use a payday loan, and this makes it very flexible for borrowers.
Also, because of the short term of repayment, it is very easy for borrowers to payback before the interests accumulate too much. This is another flexibility that makes payday loans a speciality for most borrowers.
You can save money with a payday loan
By taking out a short term loan like the payday loan, you can avoid long-term obligations that come with credit card fees, logbook loans or even bank charges on bounced checks and overdrafts. A payday loan is always limited to how much you earn in your monthly salary, and so you face no danger of taking more than you can afford to pay back with ease. This will help you avoid becoming ensnared in debt.
Payday loans help you to be independent
As a young person, it can be very embarrassing to have to ask mum and dad for money, especially after you have moved out of the house. It is not an easy experience to live on your own as a young person, and it is only normal for extra expenses to pile up within the month and threaten to overwhelm you. Rather than running home, tail between your legs to beg for some money from your parents, you can take a payday loan to sort yourself out in the short period before your next paycheck comes in.
Payday loans are convenient for you
Unlike your typical loan or credit types where you have to target office hours to apply or obtain your loan, with the payday loans, timing is always convenient for you. Hours at a payday loan store are always more convenient than what you will find in a bank, and you can always find one open even after 8 pm. With, you can even apply online from the comfort and convenience of your home and be assured that our 24 hours service will process your loan and have the cash for you in less than 24 hours.
Cons of payday loans and how to surmount them
Because we care about you making the best decision in your search for the best loan option for yourself and your family, we offer you the cons to payday loans and a list of why these limitations do not need to hold you back and how you can surmount them.
Payday loans are only given to salary earners
While we will love to grant you a loan every time you apply, payday loans are only for those who work at an establishment where they receive a regular paycheck. A payday loan is not a grant, and like every other loan, the objective is for it to be repaid. If you take a loan without a steady source of income, you will not be able to pay which will only ensnare you in more financial woes. This is why it is necessary you get a job with a salary before you can apply for a payday loan. It’s for your benefit.
Payday loans are only for short term borrowers
If you are looking for a loan you can take for months on end; a payday loan is not for you. Payday loans are meant to be repaid within the period of the borrower’s next paycheck. This should not dismay you, however, as soon as you have repaid your initial loan, you can always take out a second payday loan, and even a third or fourth after that. This way you can be sure that you settle all your debts, including your credit balances within a short time, every time.
Some payday lenders are crooks
Unfortunately, this is true, and there are some crooked payday lenders out there. This is why we always recommend you to no other place than whenever you want to take out a payday loan. You can always visit our marketing office or our about page and see all our certifications. We are listed with the Financial Conduct Authority so you can be sure you are dealing with a legitimate company.
Payday loans are usually small amounts
This is true, payday loans are usually between £10 and £1,000, and this is beneficial for a borrower as it is easier to pay back this small amount than a larger one. Most payday loan borrowers are in financial distress, with bad credit and looking for a very little sum to take care of an emergency expenditure till the next paycheck; large sums will only put them in more trouble. If you are in this category, you should know that experts have shown that a payday loan is one of the best solutions to your predicament.
Instant payday loans
Payday loans are often called Instant payday loans because they are processed very quickly and easily, and the borrower can have access to the money they applied for almost instantly. Payday loans are a fast cash loan type where all the borrower needs to do apply at the store or online, and within hours, the application will be processed and the money either transferred to the bank or given in cash to the borrower. This type of loan is not limited by credit checks which often take time, and for this reason, the process is almost instantaneous, hence the name Instant Payday loans.
At, we assure you of a loan process that is swift and secure. In less than an hour after approving your loan, you can be sure of your cash in hand or your money in your account, depending on your preference.
Comparing payday loans
Payday loans are some of the most popular loans in the United Kingdom, with the Financial Conduct Authority reporting that as many as 1.2 million people were taking out over 4.1 million loans in 2012 alone. One of the reasons for payday loans significance and popularity have to do with the fact that these loans are easily accessible to people who have bad credit. Below, we compare payday loans with some other bad credit loans, to establish their pros and cons.
Payday loans vs. logbook loans
Logbook loans are a kind of bad credit loan where the borrower can access a loan in place of their vehicle registration papers known as V5 registration papers or “logbook”. This makes logbook loans a type of secured loan, as the loan is only given after the borrower has deposited their logbook with the lender. Defaulting repayments in this type of loan mean the lender can seize your vehicle without court permission. Logbook loans usually have an APR of over 400%, which is very steep for a secured loan, and demand that the vehicle being used for the loan must not be more than eight years old.
Payday loans, on the other hand, offer a small loan, based on the salary of the borrower. This kind of loan is unsecured, (which means the borrower is not required to deposit any assets instead of the loan), and it is also favourable for individuals with bad credit as no credit check is necessary for granting this loan. Payday loans have a moderately high APR ( offers 305%), but not only is this nowhere near what is offered by logbook lenders, but it is also reasonable considering the loan type is a bad credit loan, and it does not require any collateral.
Payday loans vs. guarantor loans
Guarantor loans are another form of credit for individuals with bad credit ratings. In this type of credit, an individual who has bad credit can obtain a loan by setting another individual as their guarantor. While the person taking the loan may have a poor credit rating, the guarantor is required to have a very good credit score or the loan will not be granted. This type of loan is often difficult to secure because of the unavailability of suitable guarantors willing to stand in for someone with a bad credit rating.
Payday loans, on the other hand, are not dependent on the will of anyone else apart from the borrower. To access a payday loan, you do not need to find a guarantor with perfect credit rating who will willingly stand for you. Insofar as you have a job, and a paying salary, you can obtain a payday loan for yourself. Young people who are trying to set up in life have no need to be driven back to their parents or guardians to stand for them as guarantors, with a payday loan, you can stand for yourself.
When to take a payday loan
Financial managers will often tell you it is better to save and manage your expenditure than to borrow; they neglect to tell you that some of the richest men in the world make their money through leveraging on loans and mortgages. Even if you are not planning on leveraging on loans and credit to make it big, there are several occurrences that could come up that demand you come up with instant cash to solve them. At a time like that, rather than worry and curse at your financial distress, an instant payday loan will be the perfect solution to your predicament.
During a medical emergency
Not all medical emergencies involve wailing sirens and nurse orderlies running down the corridors with a stretcher, sometimes a trip to the dentist may result in a medical emergency when you are suddenly informed you need to take out a tooth. Whatever the emergency is, if you cannot wait till your next payday to pay for the procedure, perhaps because you have so much on your plate today, you should take out a payday loan. Payday loans are fast, cash loans designed specifically for situations such as this with their short term repayment option as well as “small, repayable amount” structure.
To pay for a sudden trip
Sudden trips, just like medical emergencies, are some of the most common occurrences that could demand you come up with quick cash. It could be because your mum is sick and you have to visit, or your brother finally found the love of his life and is marrying in Vegas tomorrow. Whatever the reasons are, these are trips you must not miss and if you do not have the money to pay for it right now, why not take a payday loan and as soon as your paycheck comes in, you can pay back. It’s a quick loan, quick repayment type of credit.
Vehicle repairs
If you use your truck, boat or car for business, then you know very well the importance of having it work at shipshape at all times. If for some reason, your vehicle suddenly develops a fault that your insurance cannot cover, a payday loan could be a good way to settle that bill out of the way. The best part is, you can always pay back as soon as your paycheck comes in.
You have a new baby
Babies are absolute bundles of joy, but they can be expensive too. Like every good parent, you would not want to deny your baby the very best in everything, would you? If for some reason, you do not have enough cash at hand, you can take a quick loan with and get a payday loan that will help you provide what you need most for your baby. You can always pay back this fast loan when your next paycheck comes in.
How to pay back payday loans
The process involved in paying back a payday loan is usually very easy. This is one of the many benefits of payday loans because typically borrowers are not predisposed to paying back loans they have borrowed and this can often land them in larger debt. Payday loans from make the entire process very easy for the borrower by including an option for borrowers to pay back their loans from the comfort of their homes.
    • Traditional repayment method
The traditional repayment method for repaying payday loans is to walk into the store on the agreed maturity date of the loan and pay back the loan plus the interest or fees. Defaulters will be penalised, and a post-dated cheque made by the borrower will be cashed by the payday lender.
    • Modern repayment method
These days, you can repay your payday loans with a direct deposit agreement made electronically through your bank account. From the comfort of your home, you can pay up your loans through the internet without having to walk all the way to the bank.
How to get out of payday loan debt
Despite how welcoming and easy it is for payday loans to be repaid, some borrowers still find themselves snared in payday loan debt. This is due to financial mismanagement on their part. It can be scary when the time for repayment of a payday loan looms, and for some reason, you are unable to afford the repayment. Rather than panicking which will cause you to remain stuck in that cycle of debt, there are basic rules that anyone can follow to get out of payday loan debt.
The first thing you need to know is, you are not alone. Normally, payday loans are excellent options for people who need emergency cash before they can get their next paycheck, but there are people who take payday loans to improve the quality of their life, for basic supplies and amenities. Using payday loans in this way can trap you in debt if you are not careful.
Budget your expenses
Taking out a payday loan during an emergency does not mean you suddenly have access to free cash, it is a loan, and you will still have to pay for it. Because payday loans are so simple to process and access, it is easy for people to forget that they are loans and suddenly think they came into a windfall. After taking a payday loan, ensure you budget your expenses till the time you need to pay back the loan, this will help you to plan effectively and ensure that you do not carry over your debt to the next month and run afoul of the payday lender.
A huge part of budgeting involves saving. At, we encourage our clients to save as this will help them to pay back the loan when it is due. Failing to save is often a recipe for disaster, and while we are always on hand to give you a loan when you need it, it is always beneficial for a client to save. When you save on your income, it will be easier for you to pay back your credit when it becomes mature, because you will have extra cash ready.
Avoid taking a second payday loan with another company
Some payday lenders assure clients that it is beneficial for them to take out a second payday loan while they are yet to pay up the previous loan. This is bad advice. While we at are always available to grant you a second loan, as soon as you have paid off your first loan, we do not advise taking a second loan before repaying the first. Taking two consecutive payday loans can trap you in serious debt.